August 22, 2018

January 2, 2019

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ALBARIT provides the blockchain platform for the first decentralized token network of natural mineral and it is offering the ALB token through an initial coin offering focused on the barite market through the hydrocarbons extractions operations. ALBARIT harnesses the versatility and advantages of the business models of the ICO´s and has defined the creation of a TOKEN to satisfy the current requirements of the hydrocarbons market. During the process of drilling oil wells the barite is used as the main component of drilling muds. ALBARIT guarantees the delivery of refined barite with a minimum density of 4.20 g / ml under the American Petroleum Institute specifications (API). The processes of extraction, transportation, processing and dispatch of the refined barite will be carried out efficiently in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards of the mining industry. ALBARIT represents a tangible asset and the exploration, extraction, and on site transportation occurs independently at each mine site, then the mineral is transported to the processing plants and finally after the refining process, the barite will be ready for shipment. The production of the mines will be homogenized to guarantee the quality and the mines are added through the Ethereum smart contract as decentralized nodes. Through the blockchain technology and supported by the ERC-20 standard under Ethereum’s smart contracts, ALBARIT markets refined barite from the production of each mine added to the ALBARIT ecosystem. The ALBARIT tokens represent a digital asset equivalent to barite TONs, then these tokens are defined as the tangible asset and the mines are integrated to the ALBARIT network adding their production to the global production. When investors acquire ALBs, those are added to their ALBARIT wallet until the ALBARIT tokens are released and the Ethereum smart contract transfers the ALBARIT tokens to investors. The cost of an ALB is one US dollar and the total supply is one hundred and seventy million of ALBARIT tokens , it is equivalent to one million tons of refined barite to be produced on twenty years. The first phase of quarrying operations starts with the first two mines Cardoso and Punta al Cielo, and the extraction, storage and logistics operations will be in charge of MARACO Company. Investors can exchange ALBARIT tokens by their equivalent in refined barite at the ALBARIT facilities. In a few years, 60% of hydrocarbon production will come from offshore projects. Particularly, in the Gulf of Mexico region, the oil and gas industry has a huge potential for latent reserves and about 97% of barite sold in the United States it is being used as drilling muds. You can complete your ALBARIT invest now through BITCOIN, ETHEREUM or PAYPAL. Visit and follow us through our socialmedia to be part of the ALBARIT investment blockchain ecosystem.


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