October 15, 2018

October 31, 2018

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BizShake is building a complete ecosystem of dApps aimed at allowing and encouraging users to share their own properties, maximizing the value generated by their use and optimizing the assets allocation throughout the community itself.

In a world of overproduction and overwhelming consumerism, many of us own too many things that don’t get used enough. Our project and the cooperative consumption mindset will help minimize costs for society at large.

In order to achieve our goal, we’re building multi-platform applications that will allow users to exchange the temporary usage right of a particular asset with economic benefits for each party, based on pre-exchange agreements. These multilanguage applications will be available for both web and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Furthermore, other business owners can use our protocols to build their own applications based on their vertical market needs for certain asset classes, languages, geographic boundaries and user groups.

Our own application, as well as other partners’ applications developed within the BizShake ecosystem, will have the transactions, user authentication and other fundamental functionalities executed and settled by BizShake Smart Contracts based on the NEO Blockchain, of which will regulate the business interactions among users in a transparent and trustworthy way.

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