Best Coin That Will Be More Trustworthy Investments In 2019 Climate

Cryptocurrency is conquering the world of finance, and trading in cryptocurrency has become a widespread trend nowadays. If going by the reports, the number of people invested in crypto has exceeded 500 mln and growing each passing day. In accordance with Crypto enthusiasts, the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the future technologies which has stirred a major part of global economy and continues to shake it to the core.

There are several factors why Cryptocurrencies are gaining trust and becoming a favorite form of investment among millennials over trading in stocks.

First thing first, the Cryptocurrencies use futuristic Blockchain Technology which not only make electronic transactions faster and safer but also ends up the risk of your money being get robbed, thanks to no middleman or any regulatory body like the government over the transactions. Also, the data stored here is in decentralised manner means complete transparency. One can view transactions only when needed, and he/she cannot delete or forge those transactions.

The factor which ensures that your money will always be yours, is trade on a reliable platform and use of official crypto wallets, which one can create while investing in cryptocurrency.

As per the experts, the future of cryptocurrencies is optimistic, it is growing rapidly and sooner will conquer the world of finance. For those looking for investing in crypto tokens, go for long terms investment of minimum 1-2 years which will result in serious profit as Cryptocurrency fluctuations are inevitable and happen almost all the time.

Among others, Bitica Coin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in today’s finance world. It was created in 2018 in Estonia (the first country to legalize cryptocurrency). Bitica Coin (BDCC) is POS/POW based cryptocurrency that uses decentralized control means the blockchain transactions database is distributed over the network or at the shared platform. With such safety and transparency, there are features which pull interested investors towards Bitica includes lowest transaction cost, safe smart contracts and fast blockchain protocol.

Lowest Transaction Cost: when one trade in or with Bitica coin, the transaction cost here is always kept low as it uses blockchain technology which ends up the need of any middleman between the buyer and seller. Hence, results in low transaction cost.

Safe Smart Contracts: The system here is fully automated and the transactions system itself examines both the peers involved in transactions and validates transaction before execution.

Fast Blockchain Protocol: Thanks to Blockchain technology, the transactions conducted using the Bitica coin are fast and global.

Lately, BDCC has marked its presence at the Trade Satoshi Exchange, a US-based multi-currency exchange platform and within a short duration of time it ranked on top position in terms of trading and exchange value at the platform. It is also one of the factors which is not only making Bitica famous over other cryptocurrencies but also pulling investors towards cryptocurrencies.

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