How Bitwin 2.0 is Going to Stand Out From the Crowd

Bitwin is a new player in an online casino field. Although, being a newcomer in the industry, Bitwin deploys an arsenal of tricks to satisfy ever demanding online entertainment consumers. The strengths of the platform span across unique graphic design, games from leading suppliers and an experienced team of industry professionals.

The forthcoming Bitwin 2.0 edition is the answer to the recent trend in cryptocurrency gambling and betting, enhanced by revolutionary blockchain technology, and new concepts that aim to shake the industry to its core. Online iGaming business is facing problems with lack of trust, security breaches, high transactional fees and general dissatisfaction from its clients, which recent Bitwin 2.0 technological developments can change once and for all.

Firstly, Bitwin made an incredible effort, and took extra measures, to design an outstanding visual masterpiece that stands out from the crowded space of online casino platforms, which look roughly the same. It was a remarkably complicated effort to create graphics of such depth and detail, requiring highest skilled designers to put hundreds of thousands layers together in order to achieve the desired effect. To come up with such an idea required founders of Bitwin to thoroughly search the market, to find the most talented people, who can carry out such demanding task.

Bitwin put strong emphasis on player experience, comfort and entertainment, which distinguishes the platform not only from online casino space, but also from the nearest blockchain-based competition. “Only the biggest players in the industry can afford to hire and maintain full team of industry experts that care about every part of clients journey, and have applicable know-how to create truly immersive gaming experience” — says Bartosz Biliński, one of Bitwin’s representatives. Whilst Bitwin 1.0 version adapts award winning online casino solutions from industry’s best game suppliers: Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, Bitwin 2.0 takes this concept to the next level by providing Game Developers Kit, which will allow any third party developers to try their luck, and enrich Bitwin gaming ecosystem with their own products on strong profit-sharing basis.

Early Bitwin roll-out is built with best standards in mind. That is the reason why platform supports superb gaming content, website 128- bit SSL encryption, VIP personalized offers, but also another crucial feature, which is a random number generator tested in line with industry standards. However, the true advancement in these matters will be brought by blockchain technology, which is going to be the core aspect of platform’s 2.0 update. Blockchain environment supplies players with fast, low-cost and secure transactions, and introduces a new approach called ‘process transparency’, being the essential trait of automated and decentralized ledger. Each and every transaction can be checked independently by any of interested parties, what takes trust matters out of the equation.

The game mechanics includes innovative random number generation process. Moreover, Bitwin will accept many other leading cryptocurrencies to meet demands and trends of the market. All above described, intrinsic functionalities are just a part of what is to come with Bitwin 2.0, the rest is kept as a secret until the premiere date. Be sure to check the Bitwin 1.0 version as well as keep up with the Bitwin 2.0 forthcoming Token Sale Auction.

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