How to Open an IQ Option Demo Account

One of the advantages of binary options trading IQ options is that they offer an IQ demo account. Moreover, you do not have to pay a qualifying deposit to be granted access to their IQ demo account. This isn’t an option that you can easily find from other brokers. Furthermore, this makes the site more appealing to the majority of the clients.

An IQ demo trading account gives you the opportunity to explore their site, without making any commitments in terms of money. Once you have examined the site, you can choose to either commit or not. Additionally, an IQ demo account has no expiry date. This sets it apart from the options offered by many other brokers. You will find that some brokers will let you try out their accounts for a few days, but unlike the IQ demo account, you don’t get to keep their trial accounts for good.

So, how can you open a demo account?

Opening an IQ option demo account is an easy process. The registration is self-explanatory. Once you register successfully, your account is automatically loaded with 1000 virtual dollars for your experimentation.

Here is how you open a demo account:

Step 1

Start by opening your browser, then key in On the far right corner, you will see the word “Register”.

Fill in the two white boxes. In the first box, you will be expected to enter your email address. On the second box, ensure that you key in a password that you can easily remember.

Press the confirm button with the “Open an Account For Free Option” Be patient as this option redirects you to the trading platform. Sometimes, this takes a while to load, so hang on.

As you wait for that, go to your email and click on the sent confirmation link.

Step 2

You should note that it is important to agree with the risks involved in the binary trading options. This is what this step entails.

You have to be aware that binary option trading options do not always guarantee you profits. However, you are only going to trade on your demo account, so you shouldn’t mind.

Now, click on the “I have read and understood the risks” part, then START TRADING.

Step 3

A window will open, giving you some options. You will then be required to choose whether you want to trade on the demo account or a real account. You will also have to deposit some money. Then, select the appropriate option and proceed.

Step 4

Now that you are in, it is time to begin trading. As you explore and learn, you may get confident that you want to trade. You can switch from the demo account to your real account by clicking on either “practice account” or “real account”. Nevertheless, you need to have deposited some money to trade.

Are there fees for using an IQ demo account?

There is absolutely no fee at IQ option. You can create one and uses it for as long as you want without paying a dime. Once you have successfully created an IQ option demo account, you are automatically awarded 10, 000 virtual chips to use as you learn how to trade.

These chips come in handy for someone who is developing a trading strategy to use in the real trade, or an individual who just wants to test the platform. If you are very active on your IQ option demo account, you might run out of the chips. If this happens, you shouldn’t panic as you can always use the refill function to get some more anytime for free.

How to refill the balance

Click on the “deposit” button, which is on the top right corner. Choose the option on your left “fill up to $10000’’. Soon after, your new balance will reflect. Do not hesitate to use this feature whenever you run out.

Demo and Real account

With the IQ Option, you get the privilege to have both a real account and a demo account side by side. This means that if you try a few strategies on your demo and build some confidence, you can easily switch to the real account and try them out. This can be done by clicking on your account balance at the top right corner.

What does a free demo account at IQ option offer you?

The free demo platform allows you to trade freely on the practice version. You get to use every kind of tool and instrument offered on the real platform. The only thing you may not be able to do is making some real money on the demo. Most importantly, if you want to trade bitcoins as a CFD product on your demo, you can easily do it. Besides that, you will have access to all the technical indicators, video tutorials and recent news to evaluate the current market trends. If you are stuck, you can create a ticket, which allows you to reach the support team.

Is IQ option a company you can trust in your Binary Trading endeavors?

IQ Option has gradually emerged as the leading broker in this industry since it was launched back in 2003. Traders from all over the world are known to use this platform for trading. IQ option is a licensed company that has over 20 million trading accounts.

This company is licensed by one of the most renowned European regulators known as CySEC. In fact, it is one of the few Binary Options Trading brokerage firms that offers its clients a demo account that they can use indefinitely. This makes it suitable for beginners and those who like to practice and perfect their trading strategies.

Real trading may start from as low as $10. If you would like to trade in a platform that will allow you to practice as much as possible, the IQ option should be your trusted partner. Those who harbor interests of getting into this trade, but are afraid of the risks involved, testing yourself on the IQ option demo can help you understand Binary options trading better.