Good morning, I already got asked by many if FARM GOLD is the new Siafund? Surprisingly people have a good memory and were able to relate the two! The short answer is yes, the FARM Gold is modeled like the SiaFund and the Farm Silver is modeled with Tether in mind — to make it exciting and meaningful we coupled our project with the hottest growing segment FOOD — No more secrets!!

A few years ago when Sia launched SiaFund I ignored it thinking it was not going to go anywhere. Boy I was wrong — Siafund out performed even bitcoin and at one time was equal to 3 BTC in price. On the other hand not much can be said about the Sia coin. I regret not buying those puppies for cheap but there is always a second chance !! More on the siaFund here.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Sia team but their poorly executed business model — especially trying to make a name and claim a stake in a hotly contested hosting space put me off. I wish they had better ideas or pivoted to other frontiers!!

We at FARM did not want to go down that road and wanted to do better. We learnt from Sia’s mistakes. We decided to do away with offering tokens at deep discounts during presale to generate a buzz. Instead we are offering two types of tokens — The FARM Gold for Presale and FARM Silver for main crowd sale. The FARM Gold can only be traded in units (no decimals) while the FARM Silver can be traded up to two decimals like any other major fiat . With FARM Gold we are raising only USD 240,000 — This would help validate our project and give us the much needed information if the crypto community that roots for the underdog is actually willing to participate when the stakes are higher or wants to sit on the side lines!!

We also did away with the practice of life long board members — Our members of the FARM foundation will rotate every three years. This will ensure that we can attract the best talent in the industry to manage the funds and the FARM ecosystem.

We believe that good projects do not need to spend money on promotion to gain the attention of the crypto enthusiasts. To our surprise and as of this writing ( 11 days since launch) 70 individuals saw our vision and have already signed up to get whitelisted — A good sign I guess! we are offering limited amount of FARM Gold Tokens. These will be distributed to individuals who register and get whitelisted on a first come first serve basis.

We have created a token that will last — bring value — If you loved the SiaFund and could not participate in their offering then may be time to consider the FARM Gold because you know food is HOT and like OBAMA said– “There is only so much you can eat”— so when you eat make sure you eat good and healthy!

Food is hot. We also intend to move into the cannabis + food space. Learn more  here and here on the market. Choose wisely — good opportunities do not last long!

Also, The FARM token supports sustainability and conservation of wild life- Don’t you want to play your part in saving the planet earth for future generations?

Presale Guarantee: If we do not reach our soft cap during presale then we will fully refund all your Ether within 10 days after close of presale. Peace of mind!!

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