NUVO is the Currency of Influence on the Nuvo Blockchain; the Decentralized Social Network

In 2019, people are rage-quitting from traditional social media faster than ever before. Whether users are outright deleting their accounts out of boredom, or they simply never come back after their account gets banned for arbitrary “community violations”, the imbalanced business model of traditional social networks has gone far past its prime, and users have had enough. The Nuvo blockchain network is a foundation on which decentralized social media communities can be built, delivering real value to users through giving users news feeds that are immune to censorship, and giving users the ability to get paid in NUVO tokens just for common forms of social media participation. These NUVO tokens translate to influence and power on the Nuvo blockchain, since they reflect each user’s dedication to the network.

The Nuvo blockchain network allows applications and communities to be built with a user-centric focus, addressing three key issues in today’s social media ecosystem…

Relevance – Tired of random “sponsored” postings, and meaningless “viral” shares in your news feed? So is everyone else. The Nuvo blockchain’s vote-based post ranking system ensures that what shows up in your news feed is relevant content, as determined by your peers. Not an algorithm that is designed to show you ads or push a political agenda. It’s only determined by votes from users like you, like a democracy.

Censorship – Because they operate on a blockchain network, applications and communities on Nuvo are decentralized. That means there is no single point of control that can cause the network to be manipulated or forced to censor certain types of content. In the developing world, this is a major social and political issue, especially around election times. The Nuvo network will bring an unforeseen level of free expression to all corners of the world.

Time and Attention – How many hours do you spend on social media per day? The answer is probably more than you did ten years ago. This is partially due to the fact that there are so many forms of social media now, all of which are demanding your attention – something that exists in a limited supply. Since the Nuvo blockchain needs your attention to share new content, and vote on content to determine if it’s good or bad, you will be rewarded for your time with NUVO tokens whether you’re posting, voting, or commenting.

This, of course, raises the obvious question about why NUVO tokens have value. Aside from what gives them value to begin with, you’re probably wondering why you should purchase them if NUVO tokens can be earned by just using social media. Here are the four reasons why you should purchase NUVO tokens, especially in the current crowdsale on Probit.

Money/Power Correlation – On the Nuvo blockchain, it’s a simple equation when it comes to how one achieves influence; the more NUVO tokens you own, the more sway or “clout” you have. This can matter for many reasons; whether you want your votes to have a greater impact, or you want your posts to have increased visibility, an influential position on the Nuvo blockchain network can give you a desirable advantage. Since this power stands to have a steady demand, any NUVO tokens that one holds will be tradeable on exchanges for their market value.

Scarcity – The supply of NUVO tokens that can be earned on Nuvo-based applications and communities is inherently limited, because these tokens can only be earned through the output of time and attention; which, by themselves, are limited commodities. Moreover, NUVO tokens operate on a regressive inflationary model which, in time, will reduce from 10% inflation to 1% inflation. This means it is much easier to acquire a large stake of NUVO tokens now than it will be later.

Future Applications – Depending on how the Nuvo blockchain network evolves, there are other possible applications that involve the use of NUVO tokens. For instance, NUVO tokens may be used as the settlement method for payments made towards premium content on networks (e.g. subscriptions, exclusive content). There stands to be a strong demand for premium content on Nuvo communities, since it is programmed to curate high-quality content – which creates an equally strong demand for the NUVO tokens needed to access it.

Bonus – During the NUVO token’s IEO on Probit, participants have the opportunity to receive a bonus of as much as 10% on their purchase. This is exactly why now is the time to act, as you will have the ability to purchase NUVO tokens at a fixed price, and with a bonus.

You can get a deeper look at NUVO token’s value proposition in the Nuvo whitepaper:

Right now, there are more than 45,000 users on the Nuvo blockchain network between its two communities, Jamaa for users in Africa, and GameKarma for users who are active video gamers. It was also announced in April that there would also be a chat platform on the Nuvo blockchain network called Nuvo Chat.

Between these applications, with many others to launch soon, the Nuvo network is at the start of something amazing. This is your opportunity to be part of it!

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