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Let’s face the fact… urban cities are congested, over-populated and bursting with vehicles. We live in an era where owning a car isn’t a luxury but a necessity and this makes parking a compulsory activity of the day. There are thousands of cars on the roads no matter which time of the day it is. Resultantly, we have to deal with what can be termed as the new-age No Parking! Menace.

Why is it a Problem?

Finding a decent parking space for your vehicle is becoming more and more difficult nowadays especially in metropolis and urban cities. Whether it is the city center or downtown, shopping arenas or commercial complexes, cinema halls or eateries, the available parking space has proven to be insufficient. Streets are becoming congested as people try to accommodate parking load with short-term and unreliable solutions.

As more people migrate to cities to find better opportunities to work and live, the number of vehicles twofold, aggravating the situation even more. There are although a number of parking systems in practice but none has proven to be workable enough to resolve the issue comprehensively.

How Does No Parking! Menace Affects People?

People continue to deal with fuller parking lots and the options are becoming lesser every day, which makes them frustrated and stressed. Such as, in the morning when people go to work, they need to park their car but spend a lot of precious time in finding the right parking space. In the evening when it is time to relax and unwind with family and friends there isn’t any spot left at the happening spots.

Sometimes car owners choose to park at spaces where parking isn’t allowed and end up paying the fine to the cops to reclaim possession of the vehicle. Or, they decide to park at unsecure areas and provide malicious thieves and criminals an opportunity to steal the vehicle. How can we ignore the congested streets issue that is caused when people choose to park their cars on the street making it difficult for other drivers to drive safely and freely on the road?

Is there any Reliable Solution?

The problem is real and it requires immediate attention. Smart cities are already looking to counter the parking issue so that people remain stress-free and unnecessary time wastage is prevented. It is believed that off-street parking is the only probable solution. But, it isn’t the perfect solution because not only is it costly but it consumes space that otherwise can be utilized for a better and productive purpose. Charged parking also isn’t a great solution. So, how to control the parking menace?

The answer is in adopting a decentralized parking reservation system because it is totally reliable in solving the parking issue that countries across the globe are facing.

How can Parkres Help?

Parkres is a revolutionary decentralized parking reservation system that is utterly promising and offers an astounding new way of solving the No Parking! menace for good. Parkres is introduced by a Toronto-based startup Finetech — CryptoKart Inc.; the system allows vehicle owners to find and reserve any parking spot regardless of which time of the day it is. The system has recently launched its ITO globally.


It is a one-stop parking solution that aims to help users remain stress-free. It also makes reservation process much easier and quicker by bridging the gap between digital currencies and parking system. Users can reserve the parking spot after paying from their mobile wallets. Payments can be made in FIAT currencies such as AUD or USD or in cryptocurrencies including Ethereum or Bitcoin, etc. Another payment option is through the dedicated Parkres tokens (PARK).

Parkres is undoubtedly a convenient and time-saving option that is available to vehicle owners across the world. The system has a number of exclusive and useful features such as users can get timely traffic updates about their required parking areas. Furthermore, it offers users an option to earn as well by registering their parking space with Parkres and/or managing parking bookings.


The system involves using a transparent, open and globally applicable ledger for recording and mapping data so that users can identify primary parking lots in urban cities. This information allows the system to keep improving the management of traffic flow and also play a positive role in decreasing harmful CO2 emissions as well as resolve the issue of street congestion.

Furthermore, Parkres successfully replaces outdated technology by providing a totally new and advanced smart parking solution that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and green field appliances to offer immediate parking solution to users. The handy Parkres app manages parking slots in real-time while facilitates universal dashboards to keep members updated about traffic situation, allowing global parking spot bookings and informing about latest parking spot additions.

In short, Parkres is the perfect option to solve the globally prevailing No Parking menace. It is a reliable, smart and sustainable solution to countering the parking unavailability issue that a majority of urban cities around the world is facing. It can help in managing the constantly increasing traffic levels on the streets and preserves the environment.

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