What is Travelvee and the TRAVEL Token?

I think that the truth is beautifully hidden from us, giving two lies calling them true — on the one hand one lodge and in contrast offer another, no less truthful and reasoned. The society is thus divided and engaged in proving to each other whose truth is better, more correct, more important. Vivid examples: planned economy and market, republicans and democrats, meat eaters and vegans … I called the truth that is close to you?

There are two “truths”: Inflation and Deflation. The whole planet lives according to the inflationary economic model and its good part criticizes inflation and is for that … Price increase, continuous depreciation of savings, constant inflation of money in the economy sometimes turning into hyperinflation and crisis. But there is a plus — with inflation, debts are constantly decreasing.

Deflation is characterized by a decrease in the money supply, a decrease in prices, an increase in the value of money. And all the “normal” people will only be happy about this development. But applying this economic model and looking a bit into the future, we will see how the economy is collapsing. Sharply not profitable and risky is to invest in the economy, because they are becoming more expensive on their own. The consumer begins to live on the principle of deferred purchase, because tomorrow he will be able to buy more for the same amount that he has today — more goods, respectively, and significantly reduces the volume of production.

I build the economy of our company using both models simultaneously. Travelvee– offers the possibility to request an offer from hotels to reserve a room according to the application submitted by the client in which the desired region is indicated, the amount of money and the type of tourism. Travelvee receiving this application sends it to all hotels in the region. Hotels seeing a real customer, make him a discount according to the availability of available rooms for this period. And they send their offers to the real buyer, via the Travelvee platform. Thus, hotels sell vacant rooms, and the consumer receives discounts on the choice.

The platform is developed and already launched BETA version, the advertising budget for the whole world, maintenance and placement of servers — not a small investment.

Our team goes on the ICO route with the release of token Travel on the Ethereum platform of the ERC-20 standard.

Consumers of hotel services register and use Travelvee for free and pay for accommodation in hotels, motels, apartments, hostels and other tourist sites with the usual inflationary currency: dollars, euros, pounds and any other, over time crypto currencies, I’m sure, so will enter our lives , and crypto currency, if only the hotel has accepted it and pays for direct, without commissions for Travelvee.

Travelvee the pays for advertising, development and maintenance of the platform too, in relation to the classical inflationary currency, respectively, following the principles of the inflationary economy — it invests gross profit in the development of itself in order to avoid its depreciation. The gross income of Travelvee is received from the same hotels to which we provide customers, the cost of connecting to the Travelvee platform for the hotel is only 100 EUR per year and upon first connection this fee is taken only after the first customer received from Travelvee.

But we talked about the considerable investments that Travelvee will attract by releasing the Travel tokens. Tokens will be issued once on the ICO and just as many as they want to buy, no reserve funds in tokens will be made and no further issues are expected. Only Travel token, any hotel will be able to pay annual subscription services on the Travelvee platform, but since the price of the token may be volatile, we link the cost of the subscription fee to the inflationary dollar, and the currency of the calculation is exclusively the TRAVEL token.

Using the policy of aggressive deflation to the TRAVEL token, for the first time for two years all the tokens received for the services of the Travelvee platform — we will be burned in full. The third year this figure will be 50%, the fourth and fifth — 30% and 20%, then 10% of the tokens will be burned permanently. For the first two years we will develop Travelvee, pay our salaries and make a lot of expenses only at the expense of investments received on ICO and for two years we will enter the payback of the platform and the huge growth of the value of the TRAVEL token due to the developing inflationary economic model of our business, in which an integral part there is a tough deflation of the domestic currency.

The TRAVEL Token can then be used as an ordinary means of payment, because it has high liquidity, its scope is unlimited, but its growth and liquidity will be caused by a strong economy in the popular, demanded, occupying a decent share of the travel market by Travelvee, of course, at the expense of attracted investments.

An example of deflationary Tokenomics is the well-known crypto-exchange BINANCE. At the ICO, they conducted a one-time issue and issued 200 million tokens. 100 million tokens they sold during the token sail at an average price of $ 0.4 per token and the rest left to themselves. They said that there will be no more emissions and that they will spend 20% of the quarterly profit on buying out their BNB tokens and burning them. So they do. They also make a strong and demanded company with many customers around the world. By March 2018, 989,000 BNB tokens had already been burned, that is, about 0.5% of the issue, while at the same time the price touched 25 dollars and stabilized at $ 15 per BNB token. And now I gave an example of not an aggressive deflationary model.

Thus, in the economy of our company, for the money of investors, we use the ideal deflation model for their growth, and for the money employed in building and promoting the business, an inflationary economic model that is conducive to growth and expansion. Money is the same, the business is becoming more expensive and the value of the token is increasing, and the profit of investors.

TRAVEL token is the most aggressive deflationary model among the existing in the world. A working and demanded product, a free niche in the travel market that Travelvee occupies will grow at least 10,000% in the first two years.

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