September 15, 2018

November 30, 2018

ICO Information

ICOs Description is the first Knowledge Marketplace powered with an Artificial Intelligence Engine matching a simple question with those having the answers. is the first R&D decentralized marketplace on the Stellar BlockChain. It works thanks to the CTY token. The platform artificial intelligence optimizes exchanges and allows to get in touch with the right people, starting with a question asked. The exchanges and the knowledge exchanges are secure, streamlined and simplified by the SmartContracts.

Our proposal is a great success for all the actors we met, academic and industrial. It is based on a key point: bringing together all the actors of the innovation chain in the same ecosystem. Our ambition is to become, by 2025 and on the 5 continents, the first global knowledge exchange place.

As from 2020, we will address the entire European outsourced R & D market by targeting a volume of annual exchanges in CTY greater than 100 million euros.

Our vision is to create a circular knowledge economy. Its advent, facilitated by the use of the BlockChain technology, appears necessary and indispensable to make our societies face the major challenges of the 21st century and embrace a new prosperous economic model, also respectful of people and of the environment.

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