cPay System

September 1, 2018

September 30, 2018

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cPay System – Easy Crypto Pay.

cPay is a multifunctional system that includes a variety of services aimed at developing transparent trade and making profit to all parties and recognizing crypto currency as a unified convenient digital means of payment around the world.

cPay system is AliExpress / Ebay and Visa / PayPal in one bottle. But without using debit or credit cards! Only a smartphone and cryptology. Smart ratings, geolocation, crediting and much more! (details on the Roadmap on the website.)  The exchanger inside the cPay system and the gateway for the output of crypto currency in Fiat! We create a system that harmoniously fits into the developing world of crypto-currency payments. Using crypto currency for its intended purpose, as a means of payment. It was for this purpose that bitcoin was created in its time!

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