Crowd For Angels

February 1, 2019

April 1, 2019

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ICOs Description

Crowd for Angels is an FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform for shares, bonds and tokens. Crowd for Angels aims to leverage it’s platform’s regulated status with its in-built KYC & AML processes and financial promotion compliance to offer a legal tokenised bonds, shares and other assets.

We are developing real-world use cases of security tokens to digitise a variety of assets. Blockchain technology has created an immutable ledger with the potential to transform the private securities market.

This technology can:

  • Simplify transfer of ownership
  • Create transparency
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Provide greater liquidity Liquidity provides investors with the ability to sell private securities for a higher price and more quickly.

For issuers, this enables them to unlock higher values for their assets opening the token sales market to a variety of assets including single assets such as property. By providing users with a security token, we will become the one-stop shop for STO funding and trading.

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