December 1, 2018

February 28, 2019

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ICOs Description

The Kikicoin project is a business directory currency that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application and use spreading to franchise, media, ecommerce, real estate, events and ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other application in the client and business ecosystem.

The project is borne and nutured by our parent company – Kikiconnect – and will introduce the blockchain to connecting service providers with clients who need their services and who can fill job vacancies, attend events, subscribe to their services and buy their products in the marketplace. The Kikicoin project will create a disruption the way businesses relate with clients.

The aim is to provide a platform where businesses can list their services, products, events, vacancies, real estate and special reward programs on site and connect easily with clients and even project backers. The mission is to cover emerging economies and then scale upwards as much as possible with our new disruptive method powered by the blockchain. We will be among the first to offer fully integrated cryptocurrency payment options, using Kikicoin.

Using smart contracts, we will offer transparent, reliable, secure, and anonymous transactions that will make online business directory, events, career, commerce and knowledge internationally viable and completely frictionless.

Users of the platform get a convenient instrument (Web/IOS/Android applications):

  • to connect with businesses and/or clients in a social and very rewarding way
  • to enjoy the e-commerce of creative assets to the web3.0 world through a decentralized platform, featuring token payments, business transactions and storage of digital resources made available
  • to deposit funds including fiat and also work with different currencies
  • to withdraw to card or bank account.

The platform is targeted to business people, freelancers, traders and developers that want to get involved in a new form of global e-commerce, business listing, promotion, and transactions – that is secure, smart and easy to use and completely changing the way businesses relate with customers and also the way people trade goods and services.

The blockchain is enabling us to bring old projects from past generations of the web to the new world and restore their values.

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