Look Lateral

January 8, 2019

December 31, 2019

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ICOs Description

Look Lateral, through blockchain technology, allows Everyone to invest in the global art market and buy/sell fractions of artworks.

Look Lateral’s digital platform, FIMART – Fractional Marketplace of Art –, is a decentralized blockchain environment that facilitates transactions and ensures security for all users. Their digital ecosystem is built on four main pillars – tagging, indexing, provenance and pricing –and is meant to encourage greater participation in art, with higher liquidity fostered in the market, both as an asset class and a cultural asset. Look Lateral is now launching an STO — Security Token Offering .

The LOOK security token will be issued pursuant to the Reg D requirements for U.S. investors and Reg S requirements for non-U.S. investors, where allowed. The LOOK security token will allow its holders to receive Company Equity, Revenue Share and Loyalty Points. Ownership of the LOOK Security Token is not required for accessing the Look Lateral services or FIMART.

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