August 1, 2018

September 20, 2018

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A new blockchain-based application, dedicated to the purchase, sale and financing will be the real estate market disrupting app for 2019.  MarbCoin wants to offer an application that makes the real estate market more transparent and, above all, much more cost efficient.

MarbCoin is a crypto currency for a blockchain based application that will make the real estate market cheaper and more transparent. The new application can be used to directly buy or sell a home, rent a property out, get financing for a property by means of crowdfunding or even to invest in real estate projects.

At the moment, the purchase and sale of a property is not always clear. What are the total costs including taxes, surcharges and let’s not forget the costs of the real estate agents. If all this information was stored in a free and public accessible library like a blockchain the costs -and risks- involved with purchasing a home would go down.

MarbCoin is working on such an app based on blockchain technology, including “Smart Contracts”, a smart contract is like a digital contract. For example a seller can list a property, and any interested party can directly place an offer. If the owner agrees (after optional negotiations) the app creates a standard contract.  And the buyer can create a crowdfunding contract to pay for the property and pay the owner in MarbCoins. If needed, these MarbCoins are easily converted in non-crypto currency.

More information is expected to be released following an investor’s event on September 21, in Marbella Spain.

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