ORET Token

November 1, 2018

December 1, 2018

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One of the first cryptocurrencies backed by a Gold Mining Company. Paraguay Mineral Mining SA(PMMSA) has created the ORET Token to raise the funds for the acquisition of the Land, Concessions and Machines for extraction and recovery of Gold.

ORET Token is one option to invest and share the profits of a Gold Mining Company. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, all ORET Token holders receive their weekly profits in Ethereum. Our company will pay Token Holders 45% of its Weekly Net Profits.

Our goal is to create a cryptocurrency that will be entirely backed by a company dedicated to the extraction of precious minerals such as gold.

The company, Paraguay Mineral Mining S.A. (PMMSA) will distribute 45% of the net profits to all ORET Token holders. This distribution will be done on a weekly basis.

As a result of the geological exploration of the area, our experts have calculated that the average gold mineralization is 7.5 g of 999 alloy of Gold per ton of ore. The calculations show that our projected plant will give a net profit of 2,517,500 USD per month of which 1,132,875 USD which will equally distributed among the 12,500,000 tokens. That is equivalent to 0.09 UDS per ORET per month.

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