August 15, 2018

December 15, 2018

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There’s a worldwide parking crisis, and it’s growing each year. Populations are on the rise and usable land is scarce in major cities. There are billions of cars across the globe. They all need somewhere to park, but there are simply not enough spaces.Since land is a resource that we can’t make more of, we have to develop systems to make more of the land we do have. That means building better infrastructure. This is the goal of – to create a full-scale parking system that can be used in any city to make parking more affordable and convenient. We’re intelligently redesigning parking through custom technology and real estate management strategies. Parkade Coin is developed in a way to promote growth that uses a combination of proprietary technologies, market analysis, and human expertise to capitalize on a glaring need in cities around the world. The capital provided by the Parkade Coin community will be used to grow our parking presence and develop a worldwide mobile application to support the infrastructure. In addition, our management team has extensive experience in operating, managing and growing businesses, which will be leveraged to provide guidance to the venture. Our vision is to grow Parkade Coin (PRKC) into a $500 million asset portfolio that purchases parking spots, lots and parkades around the world, to provide sustainable and affordable parking to consumers. “We cannot make more land, it will only become more scarce…” Parkade Coin and offer a gateway to change the supply of parking worldwide. By finding ways to utilize more parking in downtown cores we will be able to help lower parking prices around the globe.

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