January 1, 2019

March 31, 2019

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The SocialPolis Coin (SPL Coin) will be introduced and circulated through six different application areas such as:

1. The International Solidarity activities.

2. The Social economy coops as a tool to support Social Responsibility Programs of non-Social Economy Enterprises of the private and the Public sector in EU.

3. The economies of small islands located in the Greek Archipelagos.

4. A developmental tool to support a land development project towards a new Smart City in Greece (AGORA City).

5. International Development of e-work.

6. A new way to attract and promote volunteer workers on the above application areas into Social and Solidarity Economy in EU.

SPL Coin represents an EU Law governed bond (German: “Anleihe”) structured to fund the activities of Blockchain Open Technologies as linked with EU’s Social Economy or Solidarity Programs globally.

The SPL Coin will support the development and operation of two innovative tools initiatives:

– The SocialPolis Fund, which will be the catalyst for the development of new ideas for entrepreneurship in the social economy.

– An electronic commerce marketplace for social and sustainable economy products and services.

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