November 15, 2018

January 15, 2019

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STIPS is a token built on the EOS blockchain.

STIPS is a utility token constituting the core of STIPS|FinTech. Based on tokenizing, the project economy is aimed at continuous development and enables decentralization of incoming information — this minimizes garbling typical for centralized data aggregators. Tokens are constantly circulating across the system, and users can either spend them within the ecosystem, or receive them as rewards for contribution to project development. Token’s key function is encouragement, which ensures harmonic evolvement of the system.

The unique token-encouragement system implies that active users receive STIPS tokens for providing various valuable data. Basic reward amount is 5 STIPS (the value may vary depending on the token’s market price). The reward is paid for validated information only. Oculus supervisors get x2 tokens for such data (read more about rating in the platform description).

The tokenomics model of the STIPS|Oсulus platform is viable with funds raised in the amount of both Hard Cap and Soft Cap, taking into consideration assumptions, the maximum token deficit takes place in Q7 of the project operation and amounts to 3,205,825 cumulative STIPS tokens. This deficit will be smoothly offset from the Oculus Expert Rewards’ Fund, which is accounted for in token distribution model and amounts to 9,743,417 tokens. Starting in Q8, the platform will have a positive flow of STIPS tokens.

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