February 1, 2019

March 31, 2019

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STOBox is a turn-key service provider for issuing digital assets or security tokens. STOBox Platform is a private blockchain ecosystem for issuing, managing and trading of security tokens backed by real assets of issuers. With the growth of market’s appetite for digital assets, there can be seen an uprising demand for the tokenization of real sector. Despite the process of tokenization remains to be complex, legally unclear in many jurisdictions and not very familiar in a non-professional environment, the STOBox finds this space highly promising.

STOBox provides a full range of services in respect of Security Token Offering or Digital Securities Offering delivering complete tokenization services to its business customers. The STOBox’s services are centered around the STOBox Platform, which mission is to be a global leading private blockchain platform for ssuing, managing anCVCd trading (OTC or ATS) of tokenized assets.

Observing the development of distributed ledger technology and overseeing the opportunities that technologies bring to our world, we are convinced that the topic of asset tokenization is a logical form of evolution in the
financial sector. Obvious interest from all market participants form a strong demand for digital assets as well as the demand for expertise in this area accordingly.

The vision of STOBox is to accumulate expertise and promote the development and popularization of digital assets. STOBox launches its technical framework or STOBox Platform, which enables issuing, managing and trading of digital assets or Security Tokens.

STOBox Platform leverages existing technical framework and blockchain core by Stellar™ and Distributed Lab™, therefore no early stage development and large investments into the product are required. The company is focused on revenue generation from the STO projects since the official launch of the company.

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