November 13, 2018

September 13, 2019

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ULTI Coin (Token) is new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) that implements and manages in-game virtual currencies. Purpose of ULTI Coin is exchanging in-game currencies for ULTI Tokens, which allows gamers to become users of ULTI Coin, and exchange ULTI Tokens for fiat currencies or any other in-game currency. Already implemented system of earning in-game currencies in MMO games, PC games, console games, mobile games etc., ULTI Coin allows people to exchange their in-game currencies for ULTI Coins. We want to allow people to exchange their in-game currency (gold, diamonds, tokens etc.) for real money. Any game that you play, already gives you a currency of its own. This is first cryptocoin that will allow you to exchange it for fiat values ($, €, £…) or other in-game currency. That means you will be able to exchange currency from one game, to currency from another. ULTI is an open source platform made for gamers and game companies. There are billions of dollars trapped in video-games. By using our coin we can finally unlock that “long forgotten treassure”. Everyone gets their “piece of the cake”. Gamers and gaming companies will finally be able to access their well earned money. Digital currencies are locked to a single game, and they are not transferable. Trading outside game enviroment now becomes fast and easy. It is estimated that for every legitimate virtual purchase made, there are 7.5 virtual items lost to fraud. Assets stored and managed online can be open to manipulation or chargebacks. Merchants have to deal with extra burdens, and scammers damage the game’s reputation. By using blockchain technology we overcome all the issues from above. Everything is encrypted, transparent and safe. We are currently working on smart contract application that will allow you to use our coin in games. Super easy to use, powered by blockchain, encrypted and safe.

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