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ICO and Cryptocurrency Guest Post Rules

Please carefully review the rules outlined here.

Rules regarding submissions:

  1. All content must contain at minimum 500 words.
  2. All content must be unique, not plagiarized, nor be copied from another website.
  3. The decision to publish a guest post is made by our editors, at their sole discretion, based on the perceived quality and accuracy of the submitted content.
  4. No editing is available once guest posts are submitted.
  5. As publishers, we reserve the right to edit prior to going live.
  6. Submission of a guest post does not guarantee article to go live.
  7. Articles typically go live within 24-72hrs.
  8. Due to demand, we do not notify guest post submitter on article going live or being declined.
  9. We reserve the right to delete any articles that are submitted or go live.
  10. You may link out to other websites, but we reserve the right to exclude URL links.
  11. You may submit images to go with article, but we reserve the right to modify, edit or delete prior to going live.

Cryptocurrency and ICO Guest Post Guidelines

Guest posts should not be about the details of an ICO.  For posting ICO information, please submit an ICO listing here.

Guest posts should contain insightful and helpful information on investing in cryptocurrency. Good topics for ICO and cryptocurrency guest posts include:

  • How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • ICO tips
  • The latest ICO news
  • Cryptocurrency tips
  • Blockchain news
  • Articles on blockchain
  • How blockchain or a specific blockchain works
  • How to search for high quality investments

We are happy to accept high-quality ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency related blog guest posts. However, please understand that we cannot accept every post submitted. Our goal is to provide well written, informative, unique and accurate content for our users. For this reason, we reserve the right to be selective in determining the quality and relevance of each submission. Only after our writing team has reviewed your post for quality assurance will your post be approved and go live.  Usually within 24-72 hours.

Why Submit an ICO or Cryptocurrency Guest Post?

As a guest blogger for ICO Spotter, you will have the opportunity to get exposure to your name or brand, drive highly targeted web traffic to your site, but also receive highly relevant backlinks to your site.

Highly Targeted Traffic

The best bonus to having a free guest post spot is that it delivers targeted traffic. That is the kind of quality traffic flow you want for your blockchain project. Bloggers know that not all traffic is created equal. Getting unqualified traffic from less relevant sites can not only be a waste of your time but a huge waste of your money.

Connect with Influencers and Build Your Network

Submitting an ICO guest blog also gives you the opportunity to connect with other influencers and build your network. You can also collaborate with others in the field to form a co-authored post that increases the exposure for both when you submit a cryptocurrency guest blog together.

Extra Shares and Extra Backlinks

High quality content does not go unnoticed here! The best submissions will be shared widely on our social media channels, increasing the potential exposure for your blog and adding additional backlinks to your site.

Growing Your Websites Authority

Submitting guest posts to ICO Spotters can also increase your brand and website’s authority. Getting your name and information out to more people and having it seen in multiple places online will position you as an expert in the space. When you submit an ICO guest blog and it is accepted and published, you expand your portfolio and all-around credibility with readers.

Along with boosting your authority on the subject matter to readers, an ICO guest post creates a more powerful search engine authority for your website. High quality and highly relevant backlinks to your site helps to create more positive ranking signals to assist your website in moving up the search results and getting organic traffic to your website.

Grow Your Subscriber Base

The traffic your site will get when you submit a cryptocurrency guest post may help to build your own subscriber base. Because the traffic that comes to your blog from the guest post, the reader is already interest in the subject and your writing! They are primed for what you can offer them. So, submitting a cryptocurrency guest blog offers multiple streams of value for you and your site.

Keys to Creating Strong Guest Post Content for ICO Spotters

Always seek to create original material focused on the topic you are writing about. We happily accept images and videos that further your ICO guest post. However, it is important to make sure the images are properly credited and fit the subject of your post. Don’t simply add an image or video file just to pad the post, it will show. We, of course, reserve the right to omit any submitted image or video, or alter them to meet the needs of the blog space.

Never use any content that you do not own the rights to or have permission to use. If you quote from another source with permission, always credit that source.

When you submit a free ICO guest post, avoid fluff. The easier the post is to read, the better it will be received by viewers. Remember the post is not about you. It is about providing good information to the reader who will then look to you as an authority they want to know more about.

Don’t forget your biography. Include a link to your site, a good picture of you if you wish, and social media links to your feeds. That way you get the best benefits when you submit a free ICO guest post. With your help, our readers get great information from a valuable source, and you get more traffic for your site and exposure for yourself. Everybody wins big!

Guest blogging is a vital step for all online marketing campaigns. Get in on the action now! Submit your cryptocurrency guest blog today.