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    Upcoming Stellar ICOs

    Stellar is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms. No small feat in the constantly evolving and ever-changing cryptocurrency market. The Stellar system distributes its own digital asset called Lumens (XLM). As a payment network it is made up of the Horizon API and Stellar Core, and is overseen by Stellar.org, a non-profit organization.

    Like most of the popular cryptocurrencies, people tend to identify the currencies by their platforms, so Lumens are often called Stellar the same as XRP is commonly referred to as Ripple and Ether is more commonly called Ethereum. It’s become such a common confusion, identifying the token with the name of the company that distributes it, that the names stick.

    What is Stellar

    The Best Stellar ICOs

    Stellar is a popular token for use in many coin offerings. The best Stellar ICOs can be found on ICO Spotters easily. Because it is an open source, community owned network, Stellar has low fees, and transaction speeds that rival Ripple and even Ethereum. It is decentralized, so it can easily accomplish cross-platform transactions between other cryptocurrencies such as the Ripple network. However, it is not compatible with Ethereum. Stellar’s is more inclusive that many platforms, the network supports a distribution ledger that tracks all transactions and data. By requiring users to fund a purchase with uploaded funds, Stellar allows quicker transactions, because it isn’t necessary to wait for the funds to transfer in when making a purchase. This can be very important for investors who require split second availability of online funds to get in on fast-moving Stellar ICOs.

    Stellar vs. Ethereum

    While the Ethereum ERC-20 pervades the initial coin offering (ICO) market of firms that want to offer products or services on blockchain platforms, Stellar (XLM) quickly began taking over the top spot at its introduction with the number of upcoming Stellar ICOs increasing weekly. The Ethereum blockchain could not keep up with the number of transactions ICOs brought to its doors. That transactional backlog and recent security breaches decreased its popularity, making room for Stellar the best platform for an ICO and causing the Stellar ICO list to grow.

    Upcoming Stellar ICOs

    Upcoming Stellar ICOs

    The company broke into the Top Ten cryptocurrencies by market cap in January 2018. Its strong performance and superior architecture has promoted it quickly to Ethereum’s top competition threat. The Stellar ICO list keeps lengthening due to its platform design. Stellar provides a better platform for eight overarching reasons.

    1.  You don’t have to know how to code Solidity to create a smart contract. A simple smart contract takes a few hours to create. A complex ICO can be created in two days or less.
    2.  It offers efficient trades via its built-in decentralized exchange. No third-party exchange is required.
    3.  Its built-in exchange means ICOs don’t need to wait for a listing on a major exchange. The internal exchange guarantees instant discoverability and transactability. You can buy, sell and trade from day one.
    4.  The exchange allows investors to participate in ICOs using the platform with customary cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).
    5.  Its plethora of security measures ensure safer transactions that still move quickly. It require no Turing. It uses atomic multi-operation transactions. It also uses organizational node validation.
    6.  Rather than one-size-fits-all smart contracts, Stellar offers customized ICOs. Its base abstractions include transactions, payments, offers and accounts. It builds in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) adherence. Its available customizations include those that allow firms to meet worldwide requirements for anti-money laundering regulations, consumer protection and securities rules.
    7.  Businesses prefer Stellar since it does not charge gas and it uses an extremely low transaction fee of approximately .00001 XLM. That means 100,000 transactions cost about one penny in USD.
    8.  It also produces speedy transactions of about five seconds. Ethereum requires 3.5 minutes. This doesn’t simply help a business scale better. It protects consumers from the rapid fluctuation of cryptocurrency since prices can drop suddenly.

    While Ethereum has existed longer and enjoys better brand awareness, it currently can’t compete scale-wise. It’s still the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap but Stellar is quickly catching up.

    Stellar’s initial hosted ICO, Mobius Network, earned $39 million in less than its first two hours. Mobius tops the list of best Stellar ICOs with its impressive earning power. ICOs have become the favored method for businesses to crowd fund. They provide a middle ground between angel investors and initial public offerings (IPOs). Stellar has quickly become one of the favored platforms for initiating ICO smart contracts. It has the potential to overtake Ethereum and become the number one platform. Look for the number of upcoming Stellar ICOs to grow.

    Stellar Coins

    Like most other platforms, people tend to identify the coin a platform offers with its name. Stellar coins are actually traded as Lumens (XLM). The platform funds the trades with previous offers on its books to automatically create the exchange. Designed to act like a bridge for currency trades, one of the truly genius aspects of the Stellar platform is that it trades through a chain of available pairs to create the desired currency.

    For instance, is the desired trade is XLM for JPY, but there isn’t an available direct trade to JPY, it will use the available trades to facilitate the process through the chain such as buying USD to EUR to GBP to AUD then where an available JPY trade for AUD is open they will finalize the deal. Doing these transactions allows for international deals without including domestic banks in various countries. This allows for large international trades easily.

    Constantly striving for improvement, Stellar was recently honored with the Sharia Compliance certification by the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Shariyah Review Bureau. Both non-profits and big corporations have started using Stellar’s Lumens exclusively due to the ease of transaction across boarders and for non-profits, the low-cost fees are especially attractive. IBM is using the Stellar platform for its development of their own stablecoin and Coinbase, a leading exchange for cryptocurrencies announced plans to add Stellar Lumens to their trading system. Stellar Lumens are also approved for the BitCoin exchange.

    Of course, the bottom line for traders and investors is how will a cryptocurrency’s value increase. That’s where the potential is when investing in ICOs. Getting a trade that will increase in value, and thanks to the many million-dollar evaluations of the past year, it’s where people are looking to make the most of their money. Stellar is poised to be that “next big thing” and in fact, has already produced some stellar (if you’ll pardon the pun) returns. The value has been skyrocketing. Launched in 2014 with 100 billion (then known as STR) tokens, the platform underwent a big transformation, and a rip from Ripple to become what it is today, and now to be known as Lumen tokens.

    Uneasy Beginnings Led to Stellar Accomplishments

    Jed McCaleb the co-founder of Ripple started Stellar. When Stellar began it was based on Ripple, a popular platform with large corporations and banking institutions. Those institutions liked Ripples centralized, exclusive platform, but Stellar set its sights on decentralization and a more open source platform for public use. The breakup from Ripple was not without its bad blood, but Stellar has moved forward and eclipsed Ripple.

    Where to Find Stellar Lumens

    There can be some confusion as some tickers still use the old STR insignia, while others have changed it to the new XLM. You can store Lumens in ledger specific wallets, or on Stellar’s network. While typically, investors are smart to store their cryptocurrencies in their own hardware wallet or on independent wallets on separate platforms from the currencies and trading platforms, in the case of Stellar, the idea of quick trades without waiting for transfers in and out is one of the things that makes it so attractive, and has made it such a h2 cryptocurrency.

    Stellar ICO List

    Best Stellar ICO List

    Steller ICO List

    The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on fast-moving offerings that use Lumens as their transaction currency, or sell Lumen tokens as their offers is to create a Stellar ICO list. By looking on ICO Spotters website and choosing Steller ICOs on the site for a full calendar of past, current and upcoming investments and use that to create a Stellar ICO list of the ones that interest you the most, and keep up with the dates those sales will take place. It will give you the time to investigate each company, which ICO Spotters also makes easy by providing whitepapers on each company’s page.

    Upcoming Stellar ICOs

    Use the ICO Spotters.com site to search the Stellar ICO calendar that will give you the head’s up on the best upcoming Stellar ICOs. With the calendar you can create your own Stellar ICO list to keep tabs on the upcoming offerings you want to get in on, investigate all of the company’s information.