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Submit an ICO Listing on ICO Spotters

ICOs are exploding and are quickly becoming the most popular way for new companies to raise capital. They open up new vistas for small investors as well as big venture capitalists too. How do the two come together though? Just like with other crowd-funding resources, the best way for new companies to reach potential backers is to list on a platform geared toward bringing both groups in contact. That is what ICO Spotters is all about. Introducing your company to the world of investors seeking out new, bright opportunities to fund.

About ICO Listings at ICO Spotters

ICO Spotters is happy to invite companies listing cryptocurrency offerings to investors to showcase their businesses. When a company is ready to submit a new ICO listing, it can be put into one of several categories that include:

Some of the popular blockchain protocols that ICOs are being built on are:

What makes ICOs so attractive for both new startups and their potential investors is that unlike with big venture capitalist pitches, the companies do not have to “live or die” by a first impression and a one-time shot to impress a single VC or company. On the investor end, they do not have to have unlimited resources or multi-million-dollar bank accounts. When companies submit ICO listing pages on the ICO Spotters site, they have a chance to compile a full layout of their business plan, showcase who they are and who works for the company, and what the vision is for the future in a no-stress presentation. Investors can look through the offerings and take their time to get to know the company thoroughly, there is no need for rash, split-second decisions on either end.

When a company chooses to submit a new ICO listing, they do not have to simply create it and leave it. This is especially helpful for new business owners who may need time to develop their white pages or other information or need to include forgotten information. Also, since businesses evolve and marketing strategies may change, developments can be reflected in the listing pages for the ICO.

Benefits of Submitting an ICO Listing

The biggest benefit when a company submits an ICO listing is the chance to make contact with a wide array of investors that might not otherwise ever find them. ICO listings also make it possible for companies that VC investors or traditional banks would never consider funding. ICOs have allowed more and more startups to begin and succeed than ever before. According to Forbes, the number of ICOs has increased more than five times and raised a combined amount of over $3.6 BILLION dollars!

The biggest benefit for companies when they submit ICO listings is that they can get the funding they need without having to give up precious equity. That’s a big shift from typical VC type ventures that end up losing a lot of potential equity, possibly even control. With ICOs, investors do not get equity or stake in the company. They simply get a chance at a return on their investment. That gives company owners much more freedom without having to answer to VC equity holders for every decision. For investors, the lure of cryptocurrency and it’s skyrocketing values is attractive, so they are looking for companies opening up a chance to create that currency pathway for them.

At ICO Spotters each submission page for an offering allows the business owner to showcase their whitepaper to explain the business, show the timeline of the project and help investors understand the company and its goals. Each ICO submission may also explains how the company will break down the tokens, and how the business plans to use the money from the investment.

ICO Submission Packages

When you submit a new ICO listing with ICO Spotters you can choose from the three unique marketing packages above that give your company a spotlight to highlight your offering to the world. Not sure about how to submit ICO listing pages? Everything you need to get started is included in each package.

  • The FREE Package: To start, a new start up may tentatively want to get their feet wet, so to speak, with an ICO listing by using the totally FREE package. It takes a few days for a free listing to show up but submitting an ICO listing with this version can help new companies feel their way through the process and plan out their strategy at a more leisurely pace. Each free ICO listing will show up on the ICO Spotters page in 3 to 7 days. With this ICO listing package, you will get a listing that allows you to show all of your information and will include social links, a complete description, your logo and more.
  • The PRO ICO Package: For just $100, companies can get everything that the free package includes, and in addition, their site will be listed on the ICO Spotters website within 48 hours. PRO listings are showcased at the top of each page for 30 days and have highlighted listings for 30 days.
  • The PREMIUM Package: The premium package gets your new ICO listing out in a hurry. When you submit a new ICO listing with the premium package, it will show up in 24 to 48 hours, and featured and highlighted listings last 45 days each. In addition to a speedier appearance and longer lasting focal points, the premium package allows experienced tech start ups to market more intensively by adding up to two free guest blog posts on the ICO Spotter site. Each listings and guest blog posts are then shared on the ICO Spotters social media channels. This ICO listing package also includes premium support to be sure your new ICO listing looks great for potential investors visiting the website.

Final Thoughts on Submitting a New ICO Listing

If you have a company and need funds to expand or continue, ICOs are a great resource that allow more flexibility and options than standard bank or finance options. Submit an ICO listing today at and open up a whole new world of financial benefits for the business.