ICO Marketing

HEX is a brand new exciting cryptocurrency project aimed at creating the best store of value ever created. Users / investors are rewarded for holding and staking, similar to a certificate of deposit (CD) but on the blockchain.

Whether you’re a mining beginner or an expert cryptocurrency miner, you may always be looking for methods to mine more coins/tokens with less investment and in less time. This is like the dream of every miner. In this article, we will discuss the top methods for increasing your mining performance and profitability.

ICO development company first need to prepare business plans which consists of the purpose of project, it’s benefits, project summary, amount required to raise the project and the minimum amount of funds used to figure how long ICO campaign will run with. Once the campaign starts, their supporters, the ones interested in buying tokens, also known as cryptocoins purchases them.

Buying, selling or exchanging multiple crypto-currencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. TokyoTechie specializes in the development services of cryptocurrency.

With hundreds of ICOs coming out every day, getting investors eyes on your ICO can be difficult. If you want your ICO to be a success, you need an ICO marketing campaign that utilizes a variety of channels that will help maximize your marketing efforts. Learn more!