2Key Network

June 1, 2018

November 30, 2018

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ICOs Description

The 2key network is an innovative P2P​ platform based on the 2key protocol, enabling anyone to seamlessly mobilize the human web to produce results of value.

2key’s Technology Revolutionizes Online Sharing By Fusing Smart-Contracts Into Regular HTTP Links, Embedded With A Groundbreaking Protocol For Multi-Step Tracking.

2key’s innovative technology revolutionizes HTTP links by seamlessly infusing them with smart contracts. Creating scalable, decentralized, off-chain access to the blockchain from any browser.

Empowers links to independently track and record each participant sharing them, charting a topological graph. Each participant relaying links is automatically rewarded when a pre-defined result has been achieved from a link they’ve shared.

The 2key protocol creates ad-hoc multi-party state networks through front-end code alone. Continually verifying and updating contract changes in real-time.

Our mission is to provide a technology that unlocks the immense inherent wisdom of human referral networks for the benefit of all.

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