July 1, 2018

September 28, 2018

ICO Information

ICOs Description is an international trade and information platform on the B2B market for trading in products of agriculture and food stuffs. The innovation of these projects includes the following:

  1. A simple conclusion of transactions by the use of smart-contracts and an ultimate execution;
  2. Efficient and economic benefits to all trading participants within the trading transactions;
  3. Secured and transparent transactions on the basis of blockchain and all its members.

The making this project was as a result of our experience in the market of international trade in products of agriculture and food stuffs. We have made all our businesses processes rational such as finance, logistics, storage, insurance.

After testing all similar platforms, we have concluded that the majority of them offer services of the local nature and are not meant for real trading and getting real results, instead they are only informative.

We give a critical solution in the global trade. It will allow both small and medium sized manufactures and buyers to reach mutually beneficial deals from all over the world. In addition to that we guarantee payment security by the use of smart contracts; delivering all goods to their destinations safely

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