Amazonians Green Coin

February 1, 2020

April 30, 2020

ICO Information

ICOs Description

The AMACOIN is a payment token to purchase products & services offered by eco-friendly brands (B2C), and buy environmental assets or contribute to environmental projects (B2B).

The Amazonians Green Coin is launched with the objective of being a unique and innovative means of payment for environmental services.It will foster the creation and management of new sustainable conservation units, and support other forest owners to maintain their areas untouched for the benefit of our mankind.

Our plan is to focus on reducing the resources used, the waste and leakage created, conserving resources and reducing environmental pollution. The social dimension of sustainability is extremely important to us. We put emphasis and focus on Individuals and Corporates to be part of this new green economy and sustainable world, which fits into the purpose of our AMACOIN.

The AMACOIN will directly support our main business model thanks to our 4 pillars, which are:

  • Environmental -> Promoting the conservation of a mosaic of Amazonian Sustainable Reserves.
  • Climate -> REDD+ , offsetting CO2 emissions on sustainable reserves.
  • Social ->Promoting sustainable development of the local-traditional communities.
  • Economic -> Sustainable harvesting of Amazonian non-timber products, Carbon offsetting, CSR.

Finally, through our 4 pillars, the AMACOIN will feed and fund the following actions:

  • Creation of new sustainable conservation units
  • Implementation of Social Projects
  • Environmental Projects
  • Enforcement of Climate Projects
  • Development of Environmental Services
  • Development of Sustainable and Eco-friendly trading

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