October 1, 2018

October 20, 2018

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Biteex is a cryptocurrency exchange which enables its users to place the transactions at minimum fee with security and enhancements. This platform works for merchants and buyers with an equal focus to benefits of both. Biteex’s ingenious model curtails the lines between buyers/sellers and consumers. Leveraging the blockchain technology, Biteex provides its users with total control over their desired cryptocurrency exchange formats and procedures. With next generation technology and enablements, this platform will revamp the course of future.

Integrated with Ethereum blockchain, Biteex provides all the security advantages that come with Ethereum such as smart contracts and peer-to-peer architecture. At the same time, it gives them flexibility to seamlessly switch between payment channels and formats. This exchange empowers its users with the ability to determine their own buying and selling criteria including prices, this constitutes an establishment of crypto exchanges which defy the conventional measures.

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