3 Ways to Get Your Hands on Crypto Without Paying For It

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Since the start of the year, the crypto asset market is on the rise again, which has reignited investor interest for bitcoin and other digital assets. While buying cryptocurrencies is the quickest and easiest way to get involved in crypto, you can also get started without having to get your wallet out.

In this brief guide, you will discover three ways to get your hands on crypto without having to pay for it.

Microtask Platforms

A great way to get your hands on free bitcoins is to sign up to microtask platforms that pay in BTC. Microtask platforms enable users to earn a small amount of money for completing tasks such as filling out a survey, watching a video, providing feedback on an app, among others.

Probably the most popular microtask platform is Earn.com, which was acquired by Coinbase in April 2018. But there are also a number of other web and mobile-based microtask platform that pay in digital currency.


Another excellent way to get ahold of a small amount of digital currency is through so-called “cryptocurrency faucets”. Faucets pay users small amounts of crypto in exchange for viewing ads online or on mobile apps.

Bitcoin faucets were quite popular in the early days of bitcoin as a way to introduce newcomers to the digital currency. Today, faucets are available for most of the popular digital assets, including ETH, LTC and XMR.

After bitcoin, Ethereum faucets are the most popular micropayment sites that new digital currency users can visit to get their hands on their first crypto holdings.

Work for Crypto

Probably the best way to get your hands on cryptocurrency without paying for it is to work in exchange for payments in digital currency. Bitcoin payments have become very popular among the freelance community in countries where the likes of PayPal and Stripe are not active.

Most notably, companies looking for cryptocurrency and blockchain talent will often offer to pay salaries in digital currency.

There are a number of online jobs platforms that provide crypto-only freelance and remote jobs that anyone with an Internet connection and the right skills can apply to.


Author bio: Anna Lielacher

Anna is a staff writer and senior editor at BitcoinAfrica.io, Africa’s leading bitcoin and blockchain online news publication.

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