Looking for an “ideal stable coin”? The Swiss Establish Cryptocurrency Linked to 7 Precious Metals

Last year the crypto world observed increasing popularity of staiblecoins – i.e. cryptocurrencies that have more or less stable price linked to fiat money, precious metals or other assets. Stablecoins appeared as payment instruments that could be used in everyday life while altcoins are insufficient for this purpose due to high volatility. In most cases stablecoins are oriented to a price of $1.

The amount of stablecoins constantly increases because of the absence of “perfect stablecoin”. All existing cryptocurrencies of this category have both positive and negative features. The most perspective and firm are the ones linked to fiat money or precious metals. They are decentralized and crash resistant. Such cryptocurrencies cannot disappear immediately therefore owners do not undergo huge risks.

Several crypto experts including the Black Ball Team define TrueUSD as one of the most perspective stablecoins. The cryptocurrency has been already known as the stablecoin with transparent reporting and big plans for the future. The company plans establishing TrueEuro and TrueYen in the nearest future spreading the activity to the most perspective markets.

At the same time crypto world meets more and more new staiblecoins that are expected to become ideal ones.

The Swiss company Tiberius Group AG announced plans of establishing the stablecoin linked to 7 precious metals: gold, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, stannous, copper and platinum. The idea expects to be extremely perspective. The company itself regards the stablecoin as the most liquid digital asset ever issued.

According to BTC Wires, launching of the cryptocurrency was rescheduled from October to December due to several problems concerning high fees charged by processing companies. The Swiss are intended to make huge investments into their platform removing the problems.

The price of new stablecoin should be $0.7 per one token. The cryptocurrency will be regulated according to the norms of the Swiss government. The first cryptocurrency exchange that is expected to list Tiberius Coin or TCX tokens in is the Estonian LATOKEN.

The Black Ball team analyzes perspective of the stablecoin underline that the cryptocurrency is quite attractive for investments. Of course, several risks exist but at the same time Tiberius Coin is able to cause real crypto revolution showing that cryptocurrencies may be stable and safe having at the same time bright future. Precious metals TCX is linked to are used in “future technologies” development. Alternative energy, artificial intellect and other innovations are based on the indicated metals therefore popularity of the stablecoin is expected to increase rapidly in the nearest future. The technologies are about to change the world therefore the stablecoin value may seriously increase.

Selling TCX tokens the Swiss company provides “Know your Client” policy excluding any possible money-laundering or any other crimes. Moreover the indicated technologies are being implemented by various countries therefore Tiberius Coins may be approved on the state level in the nearest future.

The company representatives indicate that the amount of tokens will directly depend on the market demand and on the presence of metals Tiberius Coin is linked to.

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