Top 10 Altcoin for 2019

Little did Laszlo Hanyecz know that the two pizza’s he ordered on 22 May 2010 will go down in history as the costliest pizza ever bought. Though this is an exaggerated assumption considering the present value of Bitcoin ($6,330.00), it would be fair to say Laszlo’s changed the course of history on 22 May.

Bitcoin is a pure peer to peer transaction protocol, however the the altcoin market is buzzing with a whole host of other crypto coins which offer more real-world usage and scalability than Bitcoin. These other coins are known as AltCoins.

While many may say that the Bitcoin wave is over now (we would disagree!!), the altcoin phenomena have just begun and the best altcoin exchanges are growing rapidly. The cryptocurrency market is booming with altcoins of different usage and value. This makes an uneven plain as far as zeroing in on the best from the rest goes. Here’s a list of what we feel are the Top 10 Altcoin for 2019.

There was Bitcoin, then there was Ethereum and Now we have EOS. EOS it seems to take the good of both worlds. Unlike Bitcoin, it offers a platform for decentralized tokens. And unlike Ethereum, it is scalable and free of any hard fork bug fixes in the event of a corrupted smart contract. Transactions and storage are free which gives it a much desired upper hand over other altcoins. Further, EOS gives you account recovery options which are unheard of in most decentralized environment.

Litecoin — LTC
Makers of the LiteCoin had only one thing in mind and that is to overcome the limitations of Bitcoin. And they did exactly that. LTC offers better mining speed(transaction approval rate) about 4 times faster than Bitcoin as well as boasts of a greater total supply. The total supply of LTC Coins will be around 84 million which is again four times as much of the Bitcoin supply. With a current market cap of 3 billion USD, it seems sky will be the limit for LTC in 2019.

Most present-day cryptocurrencies suffer from a host of issues ranging from traffic overload to vulnerable security checkpoints. Coinolix gets rid of all these loopholes and offers a true decentralized exchange that supports trading pairs in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO (ANS), CNC (Coinolix Coin), USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin). Users will have to pay a minimal transaction fee in CLX coin. CLX is an ERC20 standard token and will support a high number of trade requests with hassle-free ease. Further, Coinolix is also offering attractive discounts on annual transaction fees(up to 50%) for early token buyers.

Ripple — XRP
‘The Brutus’ of the Cryptocurrency world as some would call it, Ripple has opted a different path for itself away from public participation on its blockchain network. Ripple enables banks to and other goliath financial institutes to instantaneously transfer big money across national borders. Free from SEC regulations, Ripple gives breathing space to large global banks to offer a reliable solution for international payments.

Ethereum Classic
To say that Ethereum would be overshadowed by EOS would be a foolish narrative at this point in time. Ethereum has proved that it is the no.1 platform for decentralized apps and now plays host to a large number of ERC20 standard tokens that can propel Ethereum back to glory days. But for this, it will have to sort out its much-debated mining protocols. Scalability and transaction speed are currently better than Bitcoin and we are sure it will only get stronger and bigger with time. Let’s not forget that it has survived a hard fork. A recent coinbase listing only cements that ETC is here to stay.

Monero — XMR
Monero is not for the faint-hearted. But if you are looking for a true altcoin that can stand on the same pedestal as the Bitcoin than it is definitely Monero. It keeps user identity private via a host of improvised protocols like ring signatures, secret addresses which would even keep aka Sherlock Holmes puzzled. In the altcoin market, it is best advised to keep your pockets on multiple options and Monero — XMR can be one of those options for the long run.

The Ethos wallet could be all in one payment solution of the future. Some even call it the Coinbase Killer. Ideal for storing and transferring value of any form irrespective of time and geography, this could turn out to be the fierce black horse in the altcoin ecosystem.

Opus (OPT)
Opus is another altcoin with a lot of promise. This decentralized music platform has a business model similar to iTunes and rewards artists directly in coins. Wait for the time before the coin gets listed.

NEO (The Chinese Ethereum)
Neo is the most popular altcoin to come out from the Chinese Soil. Created in 2014, the platform provides an environment for Dapps, Smart contracts, and ICOs. It seems a rip off of Ethereum from the very outset but promises a lot in the growing altcoin market in Mainland China.

Forked from litecoin, Dash offers a lot of technology improvement over its parent as well as Bitcoin. DASH Transactions are not traceable(it does not use a public address like Bitcoin). Further 10% of the mining rewards are mandatorily re-pumped into the DASH ecosystem for its improvement and growth.

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