UniFox Launches Airdrop and Bounty For Their Security Token

UniFox can be explained as MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. Project that has already invested into their technologies over $7 000 000 USD and have already working products decided to enter crypto market and offer their security token to public. They just launched airdrop and bounty program that you can take part in!

Have you ever sent money abroad? How difficult was it? How much time did you have to wait for money to come and how big fee did you pay? Have you tried to send cryptocurrencies but their value changed during the transaction?

We can imagine the answers. The process was pretty tough and it was long and expensive. You would love to use your favourite cryptocurrency but are afraid of big volatility that can change value of sent funds!

What do you have in mind when dealing with that? There should a stable cryptocurrency that has high liquidity and can be send with as low fees as possible! What more, it should be exchangeable for any local currency or spendable at shops and stores if possible!

Unifox presents a complete crypto to fiat infrastructure that enables its users to use stable cryptocurrency called Unicash in their city or f.e. in a favourite cake shop. Thanks to other parts of Unifox business that includes ATMs, POS terminals, online local exchanges and Unifox Decentralised exchange, one is able to use Unicash as effective as fiat money. The most important thing is liquidity. And that’s exactly what Unicash brings!

Unlike Tether or other ‘stable’ currency, you can buy or sell Unicash for your local fiat currency thru the ATMs or online exchanges instantly and with minimal fees. You can also send Unicash all around the world and the 2nd party that receives it can easily, fast and limitlessly exchange it for the local currency, too. That’s not the end. You can go to any shop and store that has PAX POS terminal and you can spend the currency there, too. The trick is, that the retailer receives fiat!

Unifox wants to increase liquidity that is the main reason why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology haven’t been widely adopted yet. Their goal is to build worldwide infrastructure so people will be able to interact each other limitlessly within seconds. It is not just a vision. Except Decentralised exchange, Unifox’s ecosystem is already complete and ready to expand worldwide!

What more, recent partnerships that includes Electra, Phore or Achain projects are proofs that UniFox aims to be a global player and wants to merge power with trustworthy crypto projects.

Airdrop and Bounty Program

UniFox just launched official airdrop and bounty program where you can get your share for completing simple tasks. The team divided $1,250,000 USD solely for airdrop.

By putting your skills to work, you will have the chance and privilege to be among the first receiving the fuel, powering the UniFox blockchain, so spread the voice on social media including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or record a video about UniFox and upload it on your Youtube channel!

20,000 FOX Give Away!

In celebration of a partnership with Achain, UniFox has decided to give away a total of 20,000 FOX tokens to the first 1,000 people to use a unique promotional code. You can find out how to claim the free tokens here: https://youtu.be/KZ9H6h8hDp0

Website - https://ico.unifox.io

Bounty and Airdrop ann - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4813306

Twitter - https://twitter.com/UniFoxNetwork

Telegram - https://t.me/Unifoxofficial

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