What is a Cardonio Crypto Credit Card?

In short, it introduced a convenient way to hold money, save money and spend money that was invisible but was as efficient as real fiat money itself. It was a radical idea that was quite liberating for the individual. And the fact that it was a growing phenomenon at the very outset brought many to dip their fingers into the sumptuous pie.

It did not take long before the financial regulatory agencies sought to look into this new tool. Recent reports related to cryptocurrency highlighting its supposed failures and abuses, has not prevented many to put their money into this new currency mode. We can practically say with enough confidence that cryptocurrency, just like the gold coin in the ancient world of barter trading, is here to stay.

Considering the nature of cryptocurrency being what it is, making use of it to one’s best advantage requires having easy access to it in the same way that the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) did to savings banking for the ordinary consumer. Cardonio brought it a step further for people who use foreign currency around the world by coming out with an efficient payment card for those who hold Ether, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency accounts.

This solution targets people within the Cryptocurrency community and allows them “to secure instant lines of credit using nothing more than their existing Crypto holdings as security”. This gives immense power to a person, as if he or she virtually owns the world’s banking systems, giving one “complete liquidity of their Cryptocurrency assets, because if the price of their Crypto increases during the 90-day period, they receive the benefits of all upside gains”.

Moreover, every customer can choose whatever percentage they set their “stop loss limits up to a maximum of 35%, meaning even in the event the value of their crypto holdings drops, they are protected at the level they chose”. This assurance gives the individual the confidence that Cardonio stands behind every individual transaction entered into at any location in the world at any time.

One great benefit derived from using a Cardonio Card is that any time a purchase is made, for example, for $10,000 which, let us just say, is worth 1BTC, when the due date comes for paying for that transaction after 90 days, the BTC price might go above $12,000. We can easily see that a savings of more than of 20% has been gained. This leveraging on the potential growth of cryptocurrency may not appear so different from existing currency or price inflation which is but an opposite effect; however, it builds on the innovative idea that cryptocurrency acts in a generally positive curve, whereas conventional currencies act on a generally negative curve. It is no different from the practice of medicine which tries to address symptoms while the new paradigm in wellness and new health protocols depends on nutrition and positive living – in short, positive growth vs. loss of value.

The guardians of conventional currencies may not be so pleased with what is happening. But now, any person can have a better choice through what Cardonio offers.

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