Where to Buy Altcoins with Fiat Safely?

The cryptocurrency industry has been around for a decade, but only within the last few years it has really become popular. Many of the coins have exploded in value, and more and more traders are becoming involved in the space. 

However, despite this explosion, there are many people who still haven’t invested in cryptocurrency. While some have no interest, others are simply too intimidated to move forward and become involved. Buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency (especially altcoins), can be confusing. This is true as many exchanges require you to buy certain altcoins with Bitcoin directly. 

For someone who is new to the market, this could be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, this is starting to change as some exchanges are now letting their users buy certain altcoins with fiat directly. This simplifies the process and lowers the intimidation factor. It also makes the process of investing in altcoins easier and more straightforward.

But where can you go to buy altcoins with fiat safely? If that is a question you have had, this article is right for you. Were going to take a look at a couple of different platforms that allow their clients to purchase altcoins with various types of national money.


This is certainly one of the exchanges that you should consider using if you are looking to purchase altcoins with fiat. The exchange, which began in London, allows its users to purchase a number of different cryptocurrenciesnamely, 15. Whether you want to buy Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Cash or a variety of others, this platform has you covered.

They support trading via USD, Euro, Russian Ruble and more. The purchasing process is very simple and with the great user interface, even newcomers will feel right at home buying altcoins with fiat.

In addition to their many coins and many different payment options, CEX.IO is also known for their high levels of security. They pride themselves on protecting their users and the assets they may hold on the platform.


Netcoins is a new and relatively unique way to purchase altcoins with fiat currency. Netcoins, which was founded back in 2015, is providing thousands of merchants with the ability to have a virtual ATM. This lets people buy cryptocurrency with fiat right in the store. While started in Canada, they have cooperated with merchants all across the world.

However, they also have an online platform that is worth checking out as well. They offer a large selection of altcoins that can be directly purchased with national currencies. Netcoins has even joined forces with Simplex to allow instant purchasing as well. They are all about making it easy to buy cryptocurrency (both Bitcoin and altcoins) and making the whole market more accessible for mass consumers.

High liquidity and quality customer support also make Netcoins a good option. While they are quite new, they are a unique platform and have a lot of potential in the space.


Coinbase is one of the most well-known and popular exchanges to buy, trade and sell cryptocurrency at. It has millions of users and has a lot of respect in the space, and even has an insurance policy. Its roster of available coins is relatively small compared to many other exchanges, but they still allow their users to purchase certain types of altcoins with fiat currency.

Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, XRP and more can be purchased directly with fiat. Customers can decide to either use their credit card or bank account. Coinbase supports a number of different types of national currency from USD to GBP, just to name a few. 

Creating an account is easy, and it is a fairly user-friendly platform. So, it is good for anyone whether you are just starting out with cryptocurrency, or have been involved in it for a while. They use offline storage and even have a mobile app for those who like to buy altcoins with fiat on the go.


Despite being founded in 2017, Binance has quickly become one of the most popular exchanges on the planet. It features hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. So, no matter what you want to buy, Binance will likely have it. If you want to purchase altcoins with fiat, Binance can be of assistance there too.

Whether you want Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, or Ether, Binance lets you purchase it using your credit card. You can also buy other types of cryptocurrency via stablecoins like PAX or TUSD.

The liquidity of the exchange is among the best in the industry, so the trades and purchases you make are reliable and quick. While newcomers can certainly use the platform, it is often aimed at professionals with all of the available coins and advanced tools to assist those experienced in the space. 

In conclusion, hopefully, this blog post has been able to help you learn where to safely and effectively buy altcoins with fiat currency. Of course, before ever purchasing an altcoin or using a platform, it is good to perform your own independent research. This will help you better understand what you are doing and what you are getting into.

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