Business Interactive Reward Coin

September 17, 2018

October 31, 2018

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ICOs Description

BIRC is an innovative and interactive reward ecosystem that combines local businesses, O2O, and blockchain technology. BIRC will be generated from interaction with local businesses, so mining of cryptocurrency will something easily done through performing everyday activities. People will be able to earn cryptocurrency when shopping, dining or going to movies.

BIRC defines distinctive actions and rewards based on specific business and consumer needs. For instance, when visiting a restaurant, customers may perform actions such as rating or commenting on quality of goods or services, showing approval of the restaurant by “liking” it, or uploading photos from their time at the restaurant. These actions constitute a set of “collection of interactions in restaurants”.

Customers will receive corresponding “Business Interactive Reward Coin (BIRC)” when completing an interactive action. Another real-use example could involve a set of “collection of interactions in exhibition activities”, where customers who attend a performance/exhibition can perform actions or interactions including “buying tickets”, “listening/watching”, “video uploading”, or “check-in”. BIRC will be able to define numerous sets of physical interactions based on the needs of both businesses and customers. Businesses themselves also have the potential to be rewarded in BIRC by generating their own specific interactions for customers to perform.

The BIRC system is the first innovative application worldwide that combines physical interactive actions between businesses and customers through cryptocurrency. Based on this model of interaction, BIRC will develop an ecosystem that seamlessly links businesses and users both locally and globally. Users and businesses of BIRC will also have the opportunity to create their own commercial applications that use BIRC, and BIRC will steadily gain value as an established cryptocurrency.

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