December 15, 2018

March 15, 2019

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Cloverdex offers a one-stop shop for multiple fiat gateways, hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and crypto debit card facilities. Incorporating the speed and liquidity of centralised exchanges with the security afforded in a decentralised exchange where the user owns their private keys.

The Cloverdex trading platform will cater to both beginners and advance users through our 3-step ethos. This means that all actions (e.g. registration, trading) can be completed within 3 steps.

We will also offer Multiple Fiat pairings – up to 10 different fiat pairings initially with more to come.

Cloverdex will provide a modular hybrid decentralised exchange and secure multi-currency wallet (implementing multi-signature technology) with strong focus on cryptocurrency market analysis and knowledge sharing, user accessibility and friendliness, social trading, and best practice regulatory and legal compliance.

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008 amidst the global financial crisis, the value and adoption of cryptocurrencies have exploded and with it has gained enormous media, political, and public attention. Yet with such increased exposure, there are still many challenges facing the adoption and every day practical use of cryptocurrencies beyond what many perceive as simply a speculative investment.

Cloverdex aims to address the following seven problem areas that currently impede acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies; accessibility of funds in the real world, usability, security, liquidity, compliance with regulations and laws, education, and transparency.

To address these problems, Cloverdex aims to offer a cryptocurrency trading platform for both beginner and advance traders by incorporating innovative crypto economic concepts, technological technical knowhow, and educational concepts. Ultimately, in addition to tackling the seven problems, Cloverdex is focused in building a strong business model that is economically sustainable benefitting the cryptocurrency community and investors in our vision and mission.

To realise our vision and mission, Cloverdex will create its own Ethereum (ERC20) based functional token that will provide members discounted trading fees, free EFTPOS debit card, access to advanced market analysis tools, early Beta access to the platform, increased trading limits, and more (to be announced). Pre-sale of the Cloverdex tokens (CLDX) will launch in mid December 2018 for a limited group of contributors. Funding raised as part of the pre-sale will mainly fund initial start-up, marketing activities, negotiations with payments processor and recruitment of technical talent leading up to the public crowdsale.

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