July 26, 2018

May 1, 2019

ICO Information

ICOs Description

CyberTron is a real registered and incorporated company, with his office in London.  CyberTron is working hard in the CyberSecurity sector to develop software solutions for customers to defend them against the cruel threats of Cybercrime. The team off CyberTron has experience in the CyberSecurity sector and has currently 10 employees.

Computer worms and spyware are the threats of yesterday. Today’s identity thieves, cyber espionage experts and hacker groups operate with complex networks that rely on machine learning and data mining neuron networks that can reconstruct your profile, track your activity and even locate your devices and access codes. They have all to gain.

To repel these sophisticated attacks, modern cybersecurity has to rely on the computational powers of multiple supercomputers as well as the best tech computer science and the field of artificial intelligence can provide. CyberTron’s developer team therefore decided to rely on just that. Will be released in 2019 Q2, our company’s newest security asset is Lyla.

Information about the product Lyla:
CyberTron is developing the product Lyla, wich will help customers safe from CyberCrime with different function. The unique part about Lyla is that it uses artificial intelligence (Al) or machine intelligence. This means that Lyla will learn from threats and has the force to improve. For example, same as in your body, when u are exposed to a virus, your body will research the virus and help you cure from it by producing antibodies. Next time when u will be exposed to this virus, your body will recognise the virus and produce the needed antibodies immediately. Lyla would be able to do the same.

Customers will be able to buy a monthly subscription on Lyla to use all the functions. The price of a monthly subscription will be 10 CTRX. Which is at this moment many cheaper than other products that have this security functions. Lyla is gonna be released in different stages, with many functions.

Our token is CyberTron, the abbreviation of the token is CTRX. You can easily participate in our ITO with the linked URL above. Right now 1 CTRX is equal to 1 TRX and we only accept TRX. This is a trc20 token created on the new and mighty Tron blockchain. Right now this is one of the fastest blockchain available with 2000 transactions per second. (Bitcoin is 3-6 TPS, Etherum is 25 TPS) We will be listed on exchanges Q2 2019.

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