November 1, 2018

March 19, 2019

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The D1 Coin is a virtual currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. A fractional value of investment grade diamonds backs D1 Coins.

With the value of the D1 Coin being a function of not just market forces but also the importance of natural diamonds, owners of D1 Coins benefit from enhanced downside protection as they can exchange their D1 Coins for investment grade diamonds at any time. Also, D1 Coins are a perfect counter-cyclical asset offering contributors to the crypto universe protection against adverse market movements, similar to gold or US Government bonds in traditional markets.

The ecosystem of D1 Coin consists of Coin Owners, D1 Mint, D1 Reserve, and Diamond Suppliers. The D1 Mint and Diamond Suppliers are overseen and appointed by D1 Reserve, which also acts as a custodian by holding the diamond inventory. D1 Mint issues D1 Coins to Coin Owners, who can purchase and redeem diamonds from D1 Mint. D1 Mint functions as the central party in the D1 ecosystem coordinating the flow of D1 Coins, diamonds, and fiat currency.

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