June 5, 2018

September 5, 2018

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The Dashing ecosystem consists of the Dashing Platform (Dashing) and the GetDashing Application (GetDashing). The Dashing Platform plans to leverage blockchain technology to automate user verification, reputation management, payment processing, contract life-cycle management, and dispute arbitration.  Dashing plans to use blockchain technology to enable automation, which can increases efficiency, transparency, and trust while reducing costs.  Development of the Dashing platform is in alpha stage with blockchain code testing on our internal test Ethereum network.

The GetDashing Application (iOS, Android, Web app) will be built on the Dashing Platform and will offer a full-service experience for the home services market. GetDashing will manage all aspects of projects that need to be done around the home and will benefit from the automation provided by the underlying Dashing Platform.  GetDashing has a functioning consumer-facing application undergoing internal testing and intends to move to a public beta.

Dashing plans to create an ecosystem of accountability in which both customers and service providers benefit from transparent, automated, and secure home services transactions with verified providers and a fair, crowdsourced resolution to their problems.

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