June 1, 2020

August 31, 2020

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Dcashcoin is a cryptocurrency based on the decentralized blockchain technology of the wave platform, using the LPOS (leased stake test) algorithm created in 2018. The Dcashcoin development is the result of an extensive marketing.

The Dcashcoin development is the result of an extensive marketing study about restaurants, department stores and similar. We are conscious that exist a considerable lack of credibility, acceptance and its interchange in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Most of the cryptocurrencies have the lack of a real support, they are based on future projects and the wish to prosper. This is one of the principal reasons why several cryptocurrencies can´t get the finish line or they be considered “spam” or fraud, they never even get the exchange.

Dcashcoin not only cover this point with a project working, the app “Vive México” that perform as a directory of commercial establishments to be use in the entire Mexican Republic, sectioned by states; but also, it provides a real solution about buying, selling and their rates. We know that the market is full of financial institutions that uses high commissions per transactions, handing account, annuities and more charges.

Dcashcoin - leader in the exchange between goods and services. Services in commercial establishments. In the future we see Dcashcoin accepted by the stores as another method of payment not Only in Mexico but also throughout Latin America.

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