June 13, 2018

November 24, 2018

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FGP is a project that will allow users to interact the supplier directly. With the FGP application coming out soon, it will bring a new breath to the transfer and use of money. We needed a device for transferring money until today. However, we will finish this obligation anymore.

The FingerPrint Coin Wallet application will give you a 6-digit wallet number with a new layer. For example; 010101 This will match as much as you like from the ethereum addresses of the lower 0x … based on your wallet number. (If you wish, you will be able to add your custom key.)

For example; 0x3d16aD2C5Bc6173CA9c153f697EBcCfe6627F9Fd0x828E4b277F121F4Aba1d858deA5A6C58835BB8A9

The application will ask you for your thumb and index-finger (* Why do I need to register two fingers? -Because your fingerprints are not unique. Your fingerprint is likely to match in 1/50000 and this will reduce the possible match in 1 billion to 1. The application requires both a thumb and index finger and a 6-digit password next to them.)

For example; Fingerprint 1: ✓ Fingerprint 2: ✓ It is matched with your wallet number !.

The application will ask you a password. This will be different and 6 digit.You can assign as many FGP passwords as you wish. If you like you will be able to use a single password only. For example; 162632 Ad2142 F4F321 Beside them, if you want to show your wallet 0 for your safety, you can have an extra 0-balance-password for this circumstance.

In this way you will keep yourself away from unwanted situations. For example; 265 090 In normal operation you will be able to use 0x … You can save your fingerprints to your M-wallet. (The QR Code will be supported in FGP ATMs in near future.)

However, if you register, fingerprint your wallet number and the password you created will be activated on the entire blockchain network and you will only be able to send FGP to the person you want with fingerprint, wallet number and password. However, if you do not want your fingerprint to your wallet number you can use only your password and Qr code for FGP ATMs. Now, you are free to use your FGP coin. Even if you do not have a phone with you, you can pay for something you purchase or you can pay money to someone. Wallet NO: 010101 FGP: 10 (based on $ 8) Fingerprint 1: ✓ fingerprint 2: ✓ Password: xxxxxx Import FGP. That is all. great convenience and true innovation.

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