July 31, 2018

August 30, 2018

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In Gabro, we have a vision to disrupt the loyalty rewards market and hand back the control of rewards rules to the public. Our open-loop decentralized ecosystem Gabro aims to provide consumers with the ability for instant redemption and manage multiple loyalty point and exchange them freely on a single blockchain enabled platform.

Using a common digital asset - Gabro(GBOs), our token will be the medium of exchange as well as will link all the merchant tokens and provide a means to provide the market value, as it will be listed in the crypto exchange

Gabro creates liquidity for these idle points by allowing points to be freely exchanged in a decentralized ecosystem, our wallet becomes the tool for users to manage their multi-loyalty points but it also becomes the direct marketing channel to target customers

Our blockchain solution provide proof of ownership for rewards, contracts (terms) and conversion capability at low operating costs. New partners and coalition could be added to program almost instantly, with low security risk even if a partner is unknown and not-yet trusted.

GBO will be at core of the merchant’s reward ecosystem. It is necessary to obtain Gabro in order to obtain access to the services on the Gabro ecosystem. For merchants, it serves as a payment mechanism.For users, it serves as a way to unlock special discounts and to exchange reward points or Merchant Tokens.They serve different roles for both these parties and hence offer different utility to them.

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