August 14, 2018

October 31, 2018

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HealthyCoin is the first cryptocurrency to give coin holders access to the legal African medicinal cannabis cultivation, processing and export markets. It allows individuals who have no ability to set up medicinal cannabis cultivation facilities by themselves, to participate in this new industry.

The objective of Healthy Corporation is to spread the benefits of the nascent cannabis industry to all who would like to participate – whether they are in countries that allow the cultivation of cannabis or not.

Cannabis and Cryptocurrency:  A match made in Africa:
Africa is a low-cost producer of medicinal cannabis.  This is a permanent cost advantage. Now you can benefit from this new industry as it is being legalised throughout Africa.  Even if you live in a repressive country where the cultivation of cannabis is not allowed.  Even if you live outside Africa.  All you need to do, is to buy Healthycoins.

Green Planet International Limited, registered in the Seychelles and trading as Healthy Corporation, is issuing 80 million Healthycoins to invest in various cannabis cultivation licenced companies in Africa, as well as companies that have applied for licences.  The companies that are already licenced, provide high income and the companies that are still applying provide an opportunity for high capital appreciation if the licences are granted.

Healthy Corporation is in the pre-ICO stage until 31 October.  Until then healthycoins sell for 0.001 Ethereum.  From 1 November, the price goes up to 0.002 Ethereum.

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