HELIX Orange

September 13, 2018

October 31, 2018

ICO Information

ICOs Description

HELIX Orange - Generation ICO. Join the next step of investing evolution!

HELIX Orange marks the start of a new investing era for a legally compliant ICO ecosystem. We are bringing the best ICO projects together with accredited investors.

Objective of ICO:        

1. Establishing a pool of investors for HELIX Orange platform

2. Financing further development of the platform

Company Name: Blockchain HELIX AG

Location: Frankfurt/Main

Expertise: Digital Identity Solutions

Founder and CEO: Oliver Naegele


We are building the world’s first sustainable ICO ecosystem for the best ICO projects and investors.

Our Motivation

We are convinced that ICOs have the potential to strengthen the democratic nature of our economic system, to add to existing forms of financing and that they will replace some other forms of investing.


Our platform is targeting the massive need to fulfill the regulatory requirements for any ICO. Investors need a reliable, compliant platform.

What is HELIX Orange about?

HELIX Orange is an ICO platform for the best ICO projects and accredited investors built on Blockchain Technology. HELIX ORANGE is a platform that meets all necessary regulatory requirements for all ICOs. Aware of this necessity, we are in the process of developing a platform that represents a legally safe framework for investors working with ICO-based projects.

Token Economy 

HELIX Orange Token: HIX

Token Type: Utility Token

Function: Payment for services rendered by the HELIX Orange platform.

Exchange rate: 1€ = 100 HIX

Number of Tokens: 5 billion

Soft Cap: 1,000.000

Hard Cap: 35,000.000

Emission quota: 70%

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