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HEX is a brand new exciting cryptocurrency project aimed at creating the best store of value ever created. Users / investors are rewarded for holding and staking, similar to a certificate of deposit (CD) but on the blockchain.

Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have someone… Learn More…

Get a bigger picture of differences between IPOs and ICOs, including their history, stats, and other useful information regarding unique methods of fundraising.

ICO development company first need to prepare business plans which consists of the purpose of project, it’s benefits, project summary, amount required to raise the project and the minimum amount of funds used to figure how long ICO campaign will run with. Once the campaign starts, their supporters, the ones interested in buying tokens, also known as cryptocoins purchases them.

The first and most popular stablecoin Tether is losing investors’ trust. The marketing ICO agency BlackBall team analyze possible reasons.

BCoin.sg Chose South Korea as the First International Market
“BCoin’s strategic position in Singapore will help to bridge Korea’s blockchain companies and investors with the global cryptocurrency exchange market. The launch of Korean language support marks the beginning of a successful new chapter in the growth of the business.,” said Davy Goh.

Based on blockchain technology, PocketCon is the first solution on the market to combine marketplace, community and elements of virtual RPG interaction – all in mobile format.

Crypto News, Analysis, Forecasts, ICOs and Events for the week ending 8/31/2018

Organ Tree has moved to blockchain to create the first communications hub between donors, recipients and their families and medical institutions. Organ Tree ICO will be raising money to build this communication system and in future build an R&D department for Bio printing organs and tissue . Tokens are used to pay family members of donors funeral fees and in future to buy organs.

Land LayBy is currently developing a platform incorporating Ethereum blockchain technology for use in the real estate sector. The platform will be a web & mobile based solution and will facilitate the management of land and land options based on the concept of peer–to-peer protocols and public land registry ledger.

Filo is a decentralized ecosystem that provides a common platform for service providers to connect with consumers. It provides an effective solution to the middleman problem while increasing the transaction security and transparency.

Could Kheper be the next step for Gambling? Kheper Software House Ltd aim to provide the safest gaming environment possible in compliance with any gambling law.

Commercial real estate leasing is set to leapfrog into a new democratized era with Real Estate Doc (RED) - the first digital platform built on blockchain technology aimed at reducing… Learn More…

Know about the top 5 completed ICO’s by the amount of Fund raised. The Essentia lead the table followed by Atlantis Blue Digital. GoToken, VirUS & Cruisebit are the ICO’s that occupy the remaining position.

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