Organ Tree - Organ Donation Communication Platform Powered by Blockchain

The Organ Tree ICO is just a few weeks from being live, and the team is inviting all of you to join their mission! With over 20,000 active members signed up over the last two years, the Organ Tree platform is growing stronger and has decided to jump on Blockchain and leverage its perks to develop a decentralised online communication system that bridges the gap between supply and demand in the organ transplant industry.

The Organ Tree project aims to break taboos and norms with an ambitious vision that could save the lives of millions on a global level. With Blockchain at the core of Organ Tree’s proprietary technology, they are launching a unique Organ related communication system that will create smart contracts between donors and recipients - designed for partnered medical institutions and hospitals to access and distinguish where a match will need to take place. This not only helps to bring speed, efficiency and incentive to the current system but also creates the worlds first platform where donors, recipients and hospitals can all connect.

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Next generation of healthcare systems!

By participating in the Organ Tree ICO, you’ll be helping us raise funds to develop a more transparent, immutable platform that will act as a “meeting point” designed to provide authorised, vetted medical institutions with the chance to search the globe confidentially, and find a match to their patients who are the most in need of an organ transplant. Organ Tree have pledged that proceeds will also be used for Bio-Printing of Organs - promising to bring more dying patients what they need.

Organ Tree is your chance to help make a difference in the world. By joining early in the process, an initial investment of 1ETH for 32K of OGT tokens will bring you a bonus of 40%. Hurry up, Pre Ico bonus stages ends at the end of September.

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