Blockchain Technology

HEX is a brand new exciting cryptocurrency project aimed at creating the best store of value ever created. Users / investors are rewarded for holding and staking, similar to a certificate of deposit (CD) but on the blockchain.

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Ethical spending plays a great role in the fashion industry. Some big brands are already on the way to more ethical fashion, and blockchain technology can support them in their efforts to ensure traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

On Monday April 15, 2019, the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced French plans to encourage other EU members to adopt a regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies similar to the one France adopted the week before.

Despite its popularity, launching an ICO is not a walk in the park. It requires careful planning and strategic execution in order to pull it off and be the next EOS.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the fundamentals of Grin – an exciting cryptocurrency implementing the MimbleWimble blockchain.

Blockchain technology is not only for the crypto world!

While Bitcoin still has the largest market capitalization among cryptocurrencies, its decline in the past few months has opened up talks about its lifespan. It can remain functional as long as a single unit exists, at least in theory. But many factors are causing speculation on whether it will eventually have an end value, so to speak.

Colendi needs blockchain technology to be able to secure digital data, provide privacy and unique accounts to its users as well as offering a global application.

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We want to create a better life with real estate

KYC/AML is an important (if controversial) aspect of handling cryptocurrency. Despite its bad reputation, KYC is a perfectly standard process that allows platforms not only to keep out fraud and money laundering, but to protect their users from the potential fallout associated with such activities.

An explanation of how and what a blockchain is.

Blockchain is not limited to the Cryptocurrency use case.

Auxledger, over any other blockchain companies, gives the most profound solution to cater the common challenges. Adding onto the core characteristics of blockchain i.e; transparency and trust-free environment, Auxledger further adds significant features which include Interoperability between different Financial Institutions negating fraudulent activities and Enhanced Transaction Speed compared to existing technologies available.

In the Technology industry, the two words you will be listening most of the time is Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) Development. In this block, you are going to know the relationship and how they both will be working together. It’s all about moving forward with the technology and with the help of it improving your efficiency

Based on blockchain technology, PocketCon is the first solution on the market to combine marketplace, community and elements of virtual RPG interaction – all in mobile format.

TWOGAP is the start of a digital revolution. TWOGAP has launched a blockchain only bond (Cryptobond). Nowadays, some small companies have already applied cryptocurrency and the public Ethereum blockchain. For that reason, TWOGAP creates a new era in 2018 for a better life.

VIDION is the first blockchain platform for freelance video journalism. We are transforming the news industry and inviting thousands of newcomers to join the newsmaker community.

Crypto News, Analysis, Forecasts, ICOs and Events for the week ending 8/31/2018

Organ Tree has moved to blockchain to create the first communications hub between donors, recipients and their families and medical institutions. Organ Tree ICO will be raising money to build this communication system and in future build an R&D department for Bio printing organs and tissue . Tokens are used to pay family members of donors funeral fees and in future to buy organs.

Land LayBy is currently developing a platform incorporating Ethereum blockchain technology for use in the real estate sector. The platform will be a web & mobile based solution and will facilitate the management of land and land options based on the concept of peer–to-peer protocols and public land registry ledger.

Cryptocurrency is a flexible and convenient way to donate to charities. Here, we will be laying out the most popular charities that leveraged cryptocurrency in their efforts.

Just like other industries, the gaming amusement and entertainment industry is also adopting the revolutionary Blockchain technology. There are numerous ICO startups working round the clock to cash in on the features of this technology to make the industry bigger and better.

Global users do not have the patience to hunt down long and complicated individual addresses, nor do they have the time and energy to search for a specific piece of information within a blockchain. People are open to digital transformations, but only if these digital transformations make their lives easier, faster, and more secure.

IDMoney is an organization created in Costa Rica with the goal of creating a distributed (free software) money-making wallet to integrate crypto and self–sovereign virtual personality for local development, human empowerment and poverty reduction.

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