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aassio (aass.io) is a blockchain based platform providing effortless access to the real estate market to buy and sell real estate in token form from the convenience of your own home or office. Real estate investment has never been easier or more accessible! Led by a powerhouse team of serial entrepreneurs, aassio is smart choice to add to your crypto portfolio.

The goal of aassio is to provide everyone with a chance at owning a piece of the real estate market by tokenizing assets into smaller tradable assets. These bite sized assets can be sold or traded in a matter of minutes bringing what was once hard to access into the palm of everyone’s hand. You too can own a share of this lucrative market and begin to make profits off of the most stable physical assets in the world. Rather than trading in unbacked crypto currencies which rise and fall daily, each share is based in real world tangible brick and mortar properties that are nearly always guaranteed to rise in value over time.

The aassio team believes in a Future Living society where everyday people can benefit from real estate investments to enable them to more quickly and smoothly reach their own financial goals. The security provided by the real estate market is difficult to beat in terms of long term outcomes and the aassio token allows for ordinary people to finally get a piece of the pie.

As the company motto taken from the ancient Chinese characters “佐佑” in our name illustrates, we are committed to assistance to access for everyone in a fair, efficient, and low cost manner leapfrogging the standard red tape, and often expensive bureaucracy which stands between common people and property purchases. By utilizing blockchain technology, you can rest assured that your investment cannot be hacked or transferred without your express consent taking most of the risks of property purchase out of the equation.

Everyone wants to own something of tangible value in the world. This has been expressed through the ownership of property since the beginning of society itself. Now you can do this more simply and according to your own terms through aassio property tokens. By utilizing the principles of the sharing economy and basing the token structure on owning a portion of property on fair and transparent systems everyone can feel secure buying property that they know will be available to their children and future generations in the digital age. In short, ‘owning by sharing’ is actually possible with the ecosystem of aassio.

Imagine a scenario in the future with the mobility of work pressing on your career. Perhaps you find yourself living in one country buying a home for a year or two and then being transferred to another country for a promotion. Or perhaps you have grown tired of your current job and you have been offered another in a different location. You would have to go through the hassle of finding a new living arrangement and potentially selling your old home and buying another home to be able to take this new opportunity for growth. With aassio all these will be worries of the past. Instant flexibility and convertibility to go where opportunity calls at the click of a button.

aassio is a natural choice for the risk averse investor who perhaps have never considered the ramifications of blockchain on the real estate market. In future generations, all property and indeed all ownership of assets is expected to be on the blockchain. It is in your best interest to join this movement in the earliest stages to see the greatest gain for your hard earned investment dollar.

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