Technology is transforming the way we live and work and in the World of finance, TWOGAP is the start of a digital revolution. A new era in Blockchain’s life is not a sucks life anymore, because TWOGAP has launched a blockchain only bond (Cryptobond). Nowadays, some small companies have already applied cryptocurrency and the public Ethereum blockchain. For that reason, TWOGAP creates a new era in 2018 for a better life.


A smart bond (monetary system) is a specific type of an automated bond contract that uses the capabilities of Blockchain databases that can operate as cryptographically-secure yet open and transparent general ledgers. It is one of a class of financial instruments known as a smart contract, “a computerized” transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract. But it was the old one for people to know about BOND!!!

The new one bond has been built and developed. And be ready for launch into the crypto bond worlds.

This platform was built and developed by TWOGAP, the first place in Vietnam created a new era for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world.

With the new era and new technology, this “hit” platform will be the greatest product for the company to control money and managed using distributed ledger technology.

And for the investor is the highest quality investments for others company at a low cost and reduced risks. A key benefit of the smart bond technology is the elimination of the “middle or back office”, as well as the bond registry, substantially reducing the cost of servicing the bonds. Additional benefits include the potential for instantaneous settlement, as well as lower operational risk.

This will be the first time that capital is raised from the public investor through a legally valid bond the uses blockchain from start to finish. And the scale of the platform is also much larger than the private old one (Blockchain bond offerings) similar to what may have been the first blockchain-based corporate loan.

And this is an initial step in moving bond sales away from manual processes towards faster and cheaper automation.


The bond is part of a broader strategies focus of TWOGAP to harness the potential of disruptive technologies for development.

Digital Bond — could be extremely well received by investors. This high-quality investor understood the value of leveraging technology for innovation in capital markets. It’s a genuine breakthrough that could lower the costs of marketing and administering bonds.

In fact, invest in bonds is less risk, this invests almost for an older person or retired, and people who live based on fixed-income. On the other hand, this way not only attracted people to use but also for diversification.

Bond is the first platform of TWOGAP to offer to a public, global range of investors and that “what sets TWOGAP platform from other blockchain projects is that the entire bond process — from the creation to allocation and management throughout its life cycle to take place on the blockchain.”


People that had been playing was a lot of systems of P2P network and that are not blockchain based they have user bases. So that, to make people understand the value to them is going to be all TWOGAP have to do! There has been so much focus on the investment side and therefore it’s really taking away from people. It’s the difference between building and investment so that it’s taking away from the focus.

The market for sustainable investing has envolved but while the industry has become more digital database technology for financial products are still a black box. If we can use technology to provide large-scale financing to fund the projects to make the world better places while also making the financial transactions behind those projects more EFFICIENT, TRANSPARENT AND SECURE.

Because TWOGAP believes the blockchain technology will shape the future and make markets more efficient the digital revolution and sustainable.

It’s important to note that TWOGAP platform is likely the first bond issued through blockchain.

Not like Bitcoin: There aren’t many details available yet on how this will actually work from a technical or logistical standpoint. But unlike Bitcoin, where anyone can engage in mining, the process of verifying new transactions, the platform of TWOGAP will use a private version of the cryptocurrency in which validators must have permission. The computing infrastructure will run on the Microsoft cloud platform.

An emerging trend: The idea of using blockchains to manage bonds is gaining traction. For example, nowadays, the new Blockchain has been used in the world of online gambling but many casinos have adopted electronic currencies such as Ethereum, bitcoin as a meaning of sending money. It means that online casinos will have to be managed and certified ways of using crypto.

This isn’t a crypto launch but it shows that blockchain technology is being adopted. The bond platform of TWOGAP may win for a blockchain and crypto. This is the first step towards bringing the faster and cheaper automation in conventional manual bond processes. So why we don’t choose a new era for the new life???


Over the past two years, blockchain development companies, and technology conglomerates have spent billions of dollars annually to deploy and commercialize blockchain-based systems. As it portrayed the potential of decentralized systems like Ethereum in the traditional finance market. TWOGAP believe that this transaction will be groundbreaking as a demonstration of how blockchain technology can act as a facilitating platform for different participants. So that, this could increase demand from institutional investors.


Connect to TWOGAP CRYPTOBOND and get it right on the stage, follow the official sites for more information and make your comment right below the tweet.

Let’s a new era alive by TWOGAP, the crypto bond will be the first time that capital is raised from public investors through a legally valid bond issuance that uses blockchain from start to finish.

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